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open item (SAP Business One)

A document in purchasing or sales that has not yet been transferred to a subsequent document (outgoing invoice without incoming payment).

In order to identify open items in SAP Business One, it is necessary to use the Open Items report. Various steps can be followed to precisely narrow down the open items according to individual requirements.

In the main menu, the "Financials" section must be selected and then "Open Items". In the window with the name "Selection Criteria", various possibilities open up to define suitable filter options for the restriction of the open items.

Filter options may vary, but some of the common options are business partners, with the choice of customer or Delivery selection criteria, where a date or period can be specified for the open items, and the account type, where a choice can be made between open items for customers (accounts receivable) or suppliers (creditors) can be made. After defining the desired filter options, the report can be generated by clicking on the "Execute" button.

By using the Open Items report, a list of open items is displayed based on the filters previously set. This report can be analysed to gain insight into the open items and take appropriate action.

As an additional option, the "Open Items" report can be exported in various formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV in order to further process or archive the data



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