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opening balance

The value of a financial quantity or value at the beginning of an accounting period.

For example, an opening balance sheet is prepared when a new company is established. It shows the assets, liabilities and equity of a company at a given point in time. The opening balance sheet is of great importance as it shows the initial financial situation of the company and serves as a point of comparison for subsequent Balance sheets serves. It helps to monitor and evaluate the financial development of a company.


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The following steps are required to create an opening balance in SAP Business One:

  • In the main menu, select "Finance > Balance Sheets > Opening Balance Sheet".
  • Select the start date for the opening balance. As a rule, this is the date of the company's foundation.
  • Give the assets, Liabilities and the company's equity. Liabilities and equity components are recognised in the equity and liabilities section of the balance sheet recognised in the income statement, while the assets are reported in the assets section.
  • Save the introductory balance sheet. You can call it up again at any time by selecting "Finance > Balance sheets" in the main menu.
  • It is crucial that the opening balance sheet is prepared carefully and accurately, as it serves as a benchmark for future balance sheets and can help to build investor and creditor confidence in the company.




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