9 March

Table ORTT (SAP Business One)

The SAP Business One ORTT table stores information about the different Exchange ratesthat can be applied to the different currencies. It contains entries for each of the different exchange rates available in SAP Business One, as well as information about the Currenciesused in the different exchange rates. Specifically, the ORTT database contains data on the following fields:

  • Date: The date for which the conversion rate applies.
  • Source currency: The currency that is converted.
  • Target currency: The currency to be converted into.
  • Rate: The conversion rate from the source currency to the target currency.
  • Valid from: The date from which the conversion rate is valid.
  • Valid until: The date until which the conversion rate is valid.
  • Last updated: The date when the conversion rate was last updated.
  • Base rate: The base exchange rate used to calculate other exchange rates.



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