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Outgoing invoice (SAP B1)

A legally binding Documentissued to customers detailing the amounts owed for products or services.
This document cannot be changed or deleted once it has been saved in SAP Business One.

This document lists the amounts due for products delivered or services rendered and is used to record sales and request payment after delivery.

Main functions:

  • Legally binding document: The outgoing invoice serves as a legally binding document that requests payment from the customer and records the company's turnover.
  • Regular outgoing invoice: This is issued after delivery of the goods or provision of the services and serves as a request for payment of the amount due.
  • A/R reserve invoice: A special form of outgoing invoice in which sales are recognised and payment is requested before the goods are delivered. This is often used for customised products or large orders where advance payment is required.

Importance in the business process:

  • Sales process: Outgoing invoices are an essential element in the sales process as they formally finalise the financial transaction between the company and the customer.
  • Accounts receivable: They play a central role in accounts receivable accounting, as they form the basis for the company's receivables from its customers.



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