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outstanding amount (SAP Business One)

The amount of money a debtor owes that has not yet been paid.

In SAP Business One, the tracking of outstanding amounts is supported by several receivables management tools:

  1. chart of accounts: In the chart of accounts (SKR04 or SKR03 in Germany) accounts for accounts receivable and accounts payable set up to manage the outstanding amount.
  2. Document types: Receipts such as invoices, credit notes and incoming payments are recorded and linked to the corresponding debtor or creditor accounts. These vouchers make it possible to track outstanding amounts and trace the course of business processes with customers and suppliers.
  3. DunningSAP Business One offers a dunning system that can be controlled and Reminders generated when customer invoices are overdue. It supports different reminder levels and reminder fees that can be configured individually.
  4. Customer balance reportThe customer balance report shows an overview of the outstanding amounts per customer. It enables the analysis of open items and helps to identify possible payment problems.
  5. Payment tracking: In the payment tracking module, payments received are recorded and linked to the corresponding invoices. This allows payments to be tracked and open amounts to be updated.
  6. Aging ReportThe aging report shows the overdue receivables according to different due dates (e.g. 30, 60, 90 days).




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