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process management

Process management is the identification, documentation, control, improvement and further development of business processes. It is part of organisational development and therefore deals with all processes within a company. This includes administration, technology and production, as well as other supporting processes. Mostly, process management is used to be able to hold one's own on the markets. In some industries, companies are also obliged to document all processes in detail. Process management is also used for this purpose.

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GMP standards for ERP in the pharmaceutical industry

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a system designed to ensure that products are consistently manufactured and controlled according to quality standards...
ERP solutions for make-to-order production

ERP solutions for make-to-order production

ERP systems in production are usually used to map and optimize processes with large key figures. No less relevant but by a lot...

When does an ERP system have to adapt?

The adaptability of ERP systems is usually a quality feature. And rightly so, because after all, the software should support each company individually...
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Process optimization - The right time for the analysis of the processes

Process optimization is the be-all and end-all of a successful ERP implementation. But when is the right time to examine the previous processes? ...
Process Management_ERP

ERP project and habit - adapt or adopt?

The introduction of a new ERP system offers many opportunities for a company. But often the employees in the ERP project are ...
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BPM: tool or concept?

In principle, Business Process Management - BPM for short - means nothing else than process management. The duties of this were frequently...
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