19 Sep

road map

Literally translated, a roadmap means a 'road map'. The term is used differently in different areas of society, politics and business. In relation to standard software, such as SAP Business One, it is the plan that the further development of the software follows. It is therefore the planning of which new versions and updates will be available in the future.

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The SAP Business One Roadmap and the good feeling

A remarkable feature of SAP Business One, is the predictability due to solid future prospects of ERP ? Software from the market leader. It ...
SAP Business One 2021

SAP Business One 2021

Almost like the Chancellor's New Year's speech, a video on the SAP products for medium-sized companies will be released at the end of the year...
The future of SAP Business One from 2020

The future of SAP Business One from 2020

At the beginning of 2019, Rainer Zinow gave a detailed presentation on the future of SAP Business One in a video. Also ...

The SAP Business One strategy

In a very detailed video, Rainer Zinow (Senior Vice President: Product Management, Business One & Business ByDesign) explains the strategy ...
sap business one 2018

SAP Business One 2018 – A preview

SAP Business One 2018 is not just a headline, but also the short form of a promise of many innovations and features...