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Step in scenario (SAP B1if)

SAP Business One Integration Platform: Describes the synchronous or asynchronous processing of messages.
A scenario step consists of the input phase, the Process flow and the initial phase.



SAP Business One Cloud

Is SAP Business One Cloud Software?

Richard Duffy is an SAP Business One veteran and well-known expert on SAP SME software. He has had the opportunity to be a ...

SAP BTP for SAP Business One

The SAP BTP is an environment that makes it possible to develop cloud solutions and as such also for SAP Business One ...
Log4Shell SAP Business One

Log4Shell (Log4j vulnerability) & SAP Business One

A vulnerability ?Log4Shell? (CVE-2021-44228) was categorized as extremely critical on December 10th, 2021 by the Federal Office for Security (BSI) with the red level ...
SAP Business One extension

SAP Business One extension - what you should consider

As a company that is introducing or has already introduced SAP Business One, sooner or later you will come across the topic of extensions...
SAP Business One Integration Hub

SAP Business One Integration Hub

One of the great advantages of SAP Business One is that integration has long been an integral part of the product. That ...

Is ERP software still up to date?

The concept of an integrated ERP software has been established for decades. From a certain company size, it is simply inconceivable that there ...
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