9 March

Table OCCT (SAP Business One)

The OCCT table in SAP Business One contains information on the account types defined in the system. Each entry in the table represents a single account type created in the system.

The table OCCT contains information such as the ID of the account type, the name of the account type and the type of account. In addition, further information such as the associated control schema and the type of the Chart of accounts be added.

The OCCT table is closely linked to other modules in SAP Business One, such as the financial accounting module and the cost accounting module. This allows account types to be easily defined and managed in the system for accurate and effective accounting.

. Among others, the following fields belong to the table OCCT in SAP Business One:

  • Code: This field contains the code of the account type, which serves as a unique identifier.
  • Name: The name of the account type is saved here.
  • Type: This field defines the type of account (e.g. account for accounts receivable, account for creditors).
  • TaxType: The associated tax scheme is defined here.
  • ControlAccount: This field defines whether the account is a control account or not.
  • FormatCode: The format of the account is defined here.
  • IsTaxAccount: This field is used to define whether the account is a Tax account is or is not.
  • Category: The category of the account is defined here (e.g. expense account, income account).
  • Active: This field defines whether the account type is active or not.
  • LinkAct: This defines whether the account is linked to another account.



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