9 March

Table OOCR (SAP Business One)

Within the SAP Business One financial module, the OOCR table is considered one of the most important tables. It contains a list of all accounts and cost centersused by a company, as well as information about their hierarchy and their relationship to each other.

When a company uses the OOCR table, it is possible for business transactions to be automatically assigned to the appropriate accounts or cost centres. This makes accounting and the Reporting in a company easier and more efficient. Otherwise, the OOCR table makes it easy to adapt the account and cost centre structure to the changing needs of the company. Some fields that appear in the OOCR table:

  • AccountCode: This field contains the code of the account to be linked to a business transaction.
  • Segment_0 to Segment_5: These fields are used to represent the hierarchy of accounts or cost centres. Segment_0 is the highest level and Segment_5 the lowest.
  • EffectiveFrom and EffectiveTo: These fields indicate the period during which a particular link between business transactions and accounts or cost centres is valid.
  • BPLID: This field indicates the ID of the business partner to which a business transaction is linked.



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