9 March

ORIN table (SAP Business One)

Information about credit notes issued by the company to customers is stored in the ORIN table of the SAP Business One application. The table is organised so that each entry reflects a separate credit note.

In the ORIN table, information such as the number associated with the credit amount linked customer name, the credit amount, the credit ID and the date of issue of the credit note. Further information, such as the denomination of the credit note, the associated trade code and remarks, can also be included in the transaction.

The ORIN table in SAP Business One is closely linked to a number of other modules in the programme, including the module customer order and the Payments module. This makes it possible to link each credit note to a specific order or payment, which simplifies the management of receivables and their booking. Some fields that appear in the ORIN table:

  • DocEntry: This field contains the unique ID number of the credit note.
  • DocNum: The number of the credit note documentation is saved here.
  • DocType: This field defines the type of credit note (e.g. customer return, price reduction).
  • CardCode: The code of the customer to whom the credit was issued is stored here.
  • DocDate: The date of the credit note is stored in this field.
  • DocTotal: The total amount of the credit note is saved here.
  • DocCur: This field indicates the currency in which the credit note was created.
  • NumAtCard: An external reference number for the credit note can be saved here.
  • BaseDocNum: This field stores the number of the associated order or invoice.
  • DocStatus: The status of the credit note is defined here (e.g. opened, paid, cancelled).



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