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Tables SAP Business One *A*


SAP Business One tables beginning with A (without claim to completeness)



Table description Module
AAD1 Administration extension protocol administration
AADM Administration - Protocol administration
ABP1 Business location Tax numbers administration
ABP2 Tributary Infoprotocol Branch administration
ACFP CFOP for Nota Fiscal administration
ACRC Credit cards administration
ADM1 Administration extension administration
ADM2 Administration - Electronic Reports administration
AEXD Freight Definition administration
AFM1 Tax formula parameter specification administration
AFML Tax formula main table administration
ALR2 Dynamic message data line administration
ALR3 Dynamic message data cells administration
ANCM NCM code administration
APJ1 Project plan steps administration
APJ2 Time recording for steps in the project plan administration
APJT project plan administration
ARI1 add on administration
AST1 tax code - Lines administration
ASTC VAT code administration
ASTT Tax authority type administration
ASVM Systems for value mapping administration
ATC1 Attachments - lines administration
ATSC CST Code for Nota Fiscal administration
AUSR Archive users - History administration
AVM1 Value mapping property systems administration
AVM2 Value mapping property systems administration
AWEX Workflow Engine - Execution entity administration
AWFQ SWFQ history table administration
AWL1 Possible task handler administration
AWL2 Input data for tasks administration
AWL3 Task notes administration
AWL4 Task output data administration
AWL5 Task Field Assignment Information administration
AWLS Workflow - Task Details administration
AWMG Workflow Manager administration
AWTS Workflow Engine - Task Table administration
ACPA1 Period category - WIA assignment - Protocol Generally
ADRC Criteria G/L account determination - Resources - History Generally
AGRS Extended rules G/L account for resource - history Generally
AHF1 Hide function configuration - lines - history Generally
AHF2 Hide function configuration - lines - history Generally
AHFC Hide function configuration - History Generally
AMR3 Stock revaluation S&C Generally
ARPA Routing authorisation areas Generally
ARPR Routing permissions Generally
ARSB Resource Groups - History Generally
ARSC Resource Master Data - Protocol Generally
ARSC1 Resources - Warehouse - Protocol Generally
ARSC2 Resources - Prices - Protocol Generally
ARSC3 Resources - Annexes - Protocol Generally
ARSC4 Resources - Staff - Protocol Generally
ARSC5 Resources - Preferred suppliers - Protocol Generally
ARSC6 Resources - Daily Capacities - Protocol Generally
ABO1 External Bank Operation Code - Lines - Log bank processing
ABOC External Bank Operation Code - Log bank processing
ABOE Switch to Payment - History bank processing
ABT1 Internal Bank Operation Codes - Accounts - Log bank processing
ABTC Internal Bank Operation Codes - Log bank processing
ACH1 Cheques for payment - lines - history bank processing
ACHO Cheques for payment - history bank processing
ADS1 house bank accounts bank processing
ARC1 Incoming payment - Cheques - History bank processing
ARC2 Incoming payment - Invoices - History bank processing
ARC3 Credit card vouchers - history bank processing
ARC4 Incoming payment - Account list - History bank processing
ARC5 Receipt log VAT adjustment - History bank processing
ARC6 Incoming payments - QSt. lines - History bank processing
ARC7 Incoming payments - Tax amount per document - History bank processing
ARC8 Incoming Payment - TDS Entries - History</ bank processing
ARCT Incoming payment - history bank processing
ADO1 Outgoing Invoice (Lines) - History supporting documents
ADO10 Outgoing Invoice - Line Structure - History supporting documents
ADO11 Outgoing invoice (transferred deposit details) - History supporting documents
ADO12 Outgoing invoice - tax deadline extension - history supporting documents
ADO13 Outgoing Invoice Lines - Split Expenditure supporting documents
ADO14 Invoice - Assembly - Rows - History supporting documents
ADO15 Outgoing invoice (applied carried forward deposit) - History supporting documents
ADO16 Draft - SnB properties supporting documents
ADO17 Outgoing Invoice - Import Process - History supporting documents
ADO18 Outgoing Invoice - Export Process - History supporting documents
ADO19 Storage bin allocation data - history supporting documents
ADO2 Outgoing Invoice - Freight - Lines supporting documents
ADO20 Intrastat expenses supporting documents
ADO21 Outgoing Invoice - Document Reference Information - History supporting documents
ADO22 Outgoing invoice (resource costs - history) supporting documents
ADO23 Incoming Invoice -Selected Asset Master Data Documents supporting documents
ADO3 Outgoing Invoice - Freight - History supporting documents
ADO4 Vouchers - Tax - History supporting documents
ADO5 Withholding tax - history supporting documents
ADO6 Document history - rates supporting documents
ADO7 Delivery packages - History supporting documents
ADO8 Articles in Package - History supporting documents
ADO9 Outgoing Invoice (Lines) - History supporting documents
ADOC Invoice - History supporting documents
ATX1 Tax invoice - History - Lines supporting documents
ATX2 Tax invoice process codes supporting documents
AAC1 Asset classes - Valuation areas - History finance
AACP Periods Category Protocol finance
AACS Asset classes - history finance
AACT G/L account - history finance
AADT Account determination for assets - history finance
ACD1 Credit note - lines finance
ACD2 Credit note - divisional journal entries finance
ACD3 Credit note - article areas finance
ACQ1 Activation - lines finance
ACQ2 Activation - Divisional Journal Entries finance
ACQ3 Activation - Article areas finance
ACS1 Asset classes - valuation areas finance
ADMC G/L account determination criteria - inventory - history finance
ADPA Valuation areas Facilities - History finance
ADT1 Depreciation types - lines - history finance
ADTP Depreciation types Assets - History finance
AEXT Expenditure types finance
AFA1 Asset document - lines finance
AFA2 Asset voucher - divisional journal entries finance
AFAD Asset document - history finance
AFPR Posting period log finance
AGAR Extended rules G/L account - history finance
AJD1 Journal Entries - History - Rows finance
AJD2 Withholding tax - history finance
AJDT Journal Entry - History finance
AMDR Manual distribution rule finance
AMDR1 Manual splitting rule - rows finance
APRJ Project codes finance
AVT1 tax definition finance
AVTG tax definition finance
AWD1 Withholding tax data finance
AWD2 Value ranges finance
AWH1 tax definition finance
AWH2 QSt definition - lines2 finance
AWH3 Value range finance
AWHT withholding tax finance
AWTD Withholding tax definition finance
AWTT Withholding tax type finance
ABPL place of business Business partner
ACP1 Campaign - Business Partner Business partner
ACP2 Campaign - Article Business partner
ACP3 Campaign - Partner Business partner
ACPN campaign Business partner
ACPR Contact person - History Business partner
ACR1 Business partner addresses - History Business partner
ACR2 Bussiness Partners - Payment Methods-History Business partner
ACR3 Business partner reconciliation accounts - history Business partner
ACR4 Approved QSt. indicators for GP - History Business partner
ACR5 BP Payment Dates Business partner
ACR7 Tax numbers for BP master data Business partner
ACRB Business partner bank accounts - history Business partner
ACRD Business partner - History Business partner
AOA1 Framework contract - lines Business partner
AOA2 Framework contract - details Business partner
AOA3 Item details: Activity Business partner
AOA4 Framework Agreement - Recurring Transactions Business partner
AOAT Framework Agreement Business partner
AOC1 Distribution rule - lines Business partner
AOCR Distribution rule Business partner
AWD3 QSt. indicator - details for GP Business partner
AWD4 QSt.-label - Details to the article Business partner
AWD5 QSt. indicator - cargo details Business partner
ABAT Attribute - History Warehouse and production
ABFC Storage bin field configuration - history Warehouse and production
ABIN Storage space - history Warehouse and production
ABSL Warehouse sublevel - History Warehouse and production
ABTN Batch numbers master data Warehouse and production
ABTW Batch attributes in storage bin Warehouse and production
ADG1 Discount group lines Warehouse and production
ADNF DNF code Warehouse and production
AEDG Discount groups Warehouse and production
AIGW Article group - Stock - History Warehouse and production
AIN1 Stock count - lines Warehouse and production
AIN10 Stock Count - Single Counter - Line ME Warehouse and production
AIN11 Stock Count - Single Counter - Line S&C Warehouse and production
AIN2 Stock count - ME Warehouse and production
AIN3 Stock count - S&C Warehouse and production
AIN4 Inventory count - Team count Warehouse and production
AIN5 Stock Count - Team Counter - Line Quantity Counted Warehouse and production
AIN6 Stock Count - Team Counter - Line ME Warehouse and production
AIN7 Stock Count - Team Counter - Line S&C Warehouse and production
AIN8 Stock count - single counter Warehouse and production
AIN9 Stock Count - Single Counter - Line Counted Quantity Warehouse and production
AINC Stock count Warehouse and production
AINS Equipment master data - history Warehouse and production
AIQI Opening balance Warehouse and production
AIQR Stock entry Warehouse and production
AIT1 Articles - Prices - History Warehouse and production
AIT11 Period control for plant articles Warehouse and production
AIT13 Asset attributes Warehouse and production
AIT2 Article - several preferred suppliers - history Warehouse and production
AIT3 Article - Localisation fields - History Warehouse and production
AIT5 Projects Plant Articles - History Warehouse and production
AIT6 Allocation rules for plant articles Warehouse and production
AIT7 Depreciation parameters for asset items - history Warehouse and production
AIT8 Asset item balances - history Warehouse and production
AIT9 Article - ME Prices Warehouse and production
AITB Article groups - History Warehouse and production
AITM Article - History Warehouse and production
AITT Product structure - History Warehouse and production
AITW Article - Stock - History Warehouse and production
AKL1 Pick List - Lines - History Warehouse and production
AKL2 Pick list for S&C and storage location details Warehouse and production
AMGP Product group Warehouse and production
AMR1 Stock revaluation - History - Lines Warehouse and production
AMR2 Stock revaluation FIFO lines (archive) Warehouse and production
AMRV Inventory revaluation - history Warehouse and production
APKL Pick list - History Warehouse and production
APLN price lists Warehouse and production
AQI1 Opening balance - rows Warehouse and production
AQI2 Opening balance - S&C Warehouse and production
AQR1 Stock posting - lines Warehouse and production
AQR2 Stock count - ME Warehouse and production
AQR3 Stock count - S&C Warehouse and production
ASP1 Special prices - data areas Warehouse and production
ASP2 Special prices - quantity ranges Warehouse and production
ASPP special prices Warehouse and production
ASRN Serial numbers master data Warehouse and production
ATT1 Parts list - component history Warehouse and production
Aug 01 ME group details Warehouse and production
AUGP ME group Warehouse and production
AUOM ME master data Warehouse and production
AWHS Warehouse - History Warehouse and production
AWO1 Production order (lines) - History Warehouse and production
AWO2 Production order - Basis Warehouse and production
AWO3 Production order - (completion) - History Warehouse and production
AWOR Production order - History Warehouse and production
AOPR opportunity opportunities
AHE1 Absence information staff
AHE2 Training staff
AHE3 Staff appraisals staff
AHE4 Previous employment staff
AHE6 Staff roles staff
AHE7 Capital-forming benefits (VWL) staff
APH6 Project Management - Stages - Activities - History Project Management
APH7 Project Management - Work Orders - History Project Management
APH8 Project Management - Summary - History Project Management
APHA Project management - Subproject - History Project Management
APM1 Project Management - Stages - History Project Management
APM2 Project management - Stages - Open issues - History Project Management
APM3 Project Management - Stages - Appendices - History Project Management
APM4 Project Management - Stages - Evidence - History Project Management
APM5 Project Management - Stages - Resources - History Project Management
APM6 Project Management - Stages - Activities - History Project Management
APM7 Project Management - Work Orders - History Project Management
APM8 Project Management - Summary - History Project Management
APMG Project Management Document - History Project Management
APRC Cost centre Project Management
ATSH Project Management - Time Sheet - Header - History Project Management
AEC1 Parameters for different types of electronic communication reports
AEC2 Electronic transactions reports
AEC3 Status and protocols for actions in electronic communication reports
AECM Electronic communication modes or protocols reports
AMD1 Amount variance report lines reports
ATHL Limit values reports
ASC1 Solutions Service Calls - History service
ASC2 Service call inventory costs - history service
ASC3 Service call travel/wage costs - history service
ASC4 Service call travel/wage costs - history service
ASC5 Service call: Activities - History service
ASC6 Service call planning - history service
ASC7 Service Call GP Address service
ASCL History service
ASGP Service Group for Brazil service
ASH1 Project Management - Time Sheet - Lines - History service



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