SAP Business One - Enough material for a blog?
31 March

SAP Business One - Enough material for a blog?

When I think back 5 years and remember how SAP Business One the idea that SAP's smallest and youngest "child" would ever reach a stage that would justify a blog was almost absurd at the time.

Just like in real life: Children grow up. Some take it easy growing up, others follow an orderly and predictable career path. And then there are those who develop very surprisingly. SAP Business One is probably one of the latter: over 20,000 installations worldwide speak for themselves.

But the really exciting thing for me is the concept behind the SAP Business One has developed. We are certainly dealing with a mature ERP for small and medium-sized enterprises, which, by the way, in my opinion has the best user interface in this environment at the moment. The integration of the processes and the logic behind them is also on a high level (which is also expected from SAP). But that wouldn't really be material for a blog. What is really interesting, however, are the partners and how SAP uses them.

In addition to the distribution and integration partners, such as us (Versino Projects Gmbh), there are now a large number of development partners who are working with add-ons. SAP Business One to a highly flexible tool. This starts with small function extensions and goes all the way to complete industry applications that make many a nominally larger competitor sweat. This is not a side effect of an open environment that allows such things, but a strategy to get innovation on the road as quickly as possible.

The momentum that this development has taken on is rapid and is enough on its own to be accompanied in a blog.

In addition, the entire ERP market is in a noticeable state of flux. The topic SaaS makes for plenty of unrest. Even if one has to say: At the moment, more among the manufacturers than among the customers.

Observing, accompanying and commenting on all this should be material enough...

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