How warehousing is changing through ERP software.
24 may

How warehousing is changing with ERP software

ERP software greatly simplifies inventory management for a company. Stock, inbound, outbound - with just a few clicks, the warehouse management can view and control all important data. With growing flexibility of the software, the use of an ERP system affects the type of warehousing.

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It gets chaotic - despite or because of ERP software

Static storage, where everything has its own place, is classic. One variant is the Dynamic - or chaotic - warehousing. Here, storage spaces are used by the ERP Software automatically. Therefore, it is also possible that the same articles are stored in different places, ergo can only be found by the system. A system that works with dynamic warehousing must therefore also include individual factors in the planning. Weight or size can play a role here. But also the Order picking must be controlled automatically by the system. Therefore, companies that work with dynamic warehousing are dependent on a system that works error-free and in real time. For this reason, it makes sense for companies to invest in a solution that is tailored to their needs. This effort is relevant for Pursue who are dependent on spatially comprehensive warehousing and whose warehouse therefore often becomes confusing. By using dynamic storage, space can be used more quickly and effectively, which saves a lot of time, for example in terms of walking distances.

Closer to stocks with mobile warehousing with ERP software

However, care must be taken with data maintenance. Since dynamic warehousing is dependent on ERP software, it becomes extremely important to feed in the data correctly and on time. In doing so, one must register every external influence. Often useful here are Barcode scanner or MDE devices. These are not only important for warehouse management, but also for evaluations of the warehouse stock. All the benefits of a good warehouse evaluation are not reliable if the data is not reliable. A good data set can tell a lot about the efficiency of the warehouse management. Thereby the metrics be defined accordingly, such as throughput times, routing analysis or packing performance. A good ERP system also makes it possible to integrate all the other processes to be linked with warehousing. This includes, for example, purchasing or inventory management.

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