Immo One – SAP Business One for leasing and letting of real estate
20 may

Immo One – SAP Business One for leasing and letting of real estate

There are some add-ons for SAP Business One that tend to occupy niches and are therefore less well known. But that doesn't mean they're any less interesting.  

There is certainly a corresponding industry on the market for almost every industry. But sometimes a company is looking for a solution that also covers a specific sector and at the same time offers the advantages of a standard solution. For companies in the real estate industry, the SAP partner DResearch brought such a solution onto the market: Immo One

The software integrated in SAP Business One regulates the processes involved in renting and leasing real estate.

These additional functions are offered for SAP Business One:

  • base data
    • Real Estate/Buildings/Apartments
    • properties
    • rental conditions
    • billing units
    • staff
  • leases
  • rent debit position
  • utility bill
  • maintenance
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