A ZUGFeRD for SAP Business One
1 July

A ZUGFeRD for SAP Business One

ZUGFeRD also integrates all invoice information in electronically processable form into the electronic, image-based document in the PDF/A-3 standard. The result is a PDF file in which both the receipt as an image and a data structure of the image content in the XML-format. Thus, ZUGFeRD enables the direct further processing of data without having to laboriously type it out. Due to the uniform format throughout Germany, the use of this standard in small and medium-sized enterprises makes economic sense.


draught horse With the new ZUGFeRD add on of CK.Solution, the creation of electronic outgoing invoices in the ZUGFeRD format (Central User Guide of the Forum Electronic Invoice Germany) is realised for SAP Business One. The new format makes it possible to transmit uniformly structured invoice data in a PDF file throughout Germany and to read and process it without any further steps. ZUGFeRD is considered the simplest format for sending and receiving electronic invoices.

Combination with CKS.DMS

Ideally, the CKS.ZUGFeRD is used to create outgoing invoices with the CKS.DMS in order to be able to read this data back into SAP. This opens up another advantage: a central and transparent storage point for incoming invoices.

ZUGFeRD thus simplifies the data exchange between tax advisor and company. The tax advisor can read the outgoing invoices directly into the firm's accounting system, for example. In addition, a
Further development through the national platform FeRD


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