Industry 4.0 - If, then right
17 october

Industry 4.0 - If, then properly

Do you still have to or are you already? Especially when it comes to the topic of digitalisation, German SMEs are often at a loss. Do we have a strategy and if so, is it the right one? Most articles published on Industry 4.0 (also by us) also do not provide a precise guideline. To compensate for this, here are two recommendations that at least roughly explain the prerequisites for when one may call oneself "digitised".

On the one hand, the "Readiness Check for Industry 4.0" can help. The multiple-choice procedure, developed by two German companies, is divided into six areas of questions on topics such as strategy and organisation, and is intended to inform companies about their digital maturity.

As a reference work, again the 200 pages of comprehensive workwhich above all answers all economic and business law questions on the subject of digitalisation. The PDF, which was commissioned by the BDI from a law firm, also shows, for example, what new legal rulings in the digital field will mean for companies in the future. For all those who have the feeling that they are standing on uncertain ground when it comes to topics such as data protection and copyright, this is exactly the right basis.