Integrated time recording - when the ERP system takes notes.
1 June

Integrated time recording - when the ERP system is also recording

time tracking always sounds a bit like stamp cards for smoking breaks. The fact that this image is just in the Service industry All those who often invest an hour or two more in their work than is written on the sheet know that the time sheet is outdated. Especially for companies that work in projects, the recorded working time is the essential basis for invoicing. How you and your company can benefit from a ERP system can benefit from integrated time recording? Quite simply:

1. make your employees happy with time recording

Everyone wants qualified employees. However, in order to optimally exploit and promote their qualifications, you should also invest in their satisfaction. A flexible workplace is the be-all and end-all for many today ? because everyone has to go to the dentist sometimes. Nevertheless, employers want transparency about their working time. Integrated time recording creates a basis for both.

2. make your customers happy with time tracking

With a customer about (not) services rendered Services arguing is no fun. In our experience, black on white is always the better basis for argumentation. Here, too, it is mainly the service providers and project companies that are affected. However, it can also be useful for manufacturing companies if the working hours are recorded by software, as the activities can be recorded separately. In this way the workflow The time recording system can be used to specifically identify and improve the performance of 'slow-down' points.

3. make yourself happy with time tracking

Let's face it - payroll accounting based on Excel lists or even handwritten timesheets is no fun and, if we are honest, also quite error-prone. An integration of working time recording into a system is therefore not only ?time? efficient, but also reliable and simple. This way, the start and end of work, breaks and business trips are easily recorded, the accounting effort is reduced and holiday entitlements are regulated. The resulting transparency also creates an overview of the estimated times for individual tasks. Unproductive tasks thus become visible and can be optimised.

Time recording connected or integrated ?

Spoilt for choice is the motto. There are many time recording systems. From simple input interfaces and recording terminals to mobile solutions. For the connection or integration into a ERP softwaree choice is already somewhat limited. Either you use working time recording via an interface or you look for ERP software that already contains time recording. The latter has the advantage that neither delays nor errors occur during data transmission and the recorded times can be used at any time, e.g. in the following cases projects and thus simplify the invoicing process.

Also advantageous are the Cloud ERP with regard to mobile time recording. Employees in the field thus have the possibility to record their working hours from anywhere. For this case, there is already special 'time recording hardware' that can be connected to the system via terminals using UMTS/GPRS.

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Time recording always sounds a bit like time cards for smoking breaks. That this image is outdated, especially in the service industry, is known to all those who ...
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