Integrietes CTI - ADDON for SAP Business One.
29 apr

Integrated CTI - ADDON for SAP Business One

Not so long ago, the choice of CTI-software for SAP Business One is still very limited. However, this has changed. More and more CTI interfaces and integrated CTI software packages are coming onto the market, both from software developers specialising in CTI solutions and from SAP partners.

One CTI solution also offered by SAP partner IPAS. The add-on allows you to make calls directly from SAP Business One. Incoming calls can trigger specific actions and/or be linked to specific activities in SAP Business One.

So far, so normal and by now an expected standard for a CTI integration.

What is not normal in this environment, however, is the renunciation of Estos. This SAP Business One add-on does without these (not entirely cheap) licences, on which most CTI solutions for SAP Business One have been based up to now.

Optionally, KlickTel can even be integrated, including reverse search and data reconciliation of existing master data in SAP Business One.

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CTI Integration for SAP Business One

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