Internal to ERP project: Key user.
21 Sep

Internally in the ERP project: key users

Thus consciously some decisions to a ERP project are made, so little thought is sometimes given to others. For example, the filling of an important role is often underestimated: the key user.

This choice is usually determined internally and without knowing the relevant aspects of this task. However, it is not very beneficial for the project to give this responsibility too lightly to the next free hands. Expert knowledge about the tasks relevant to the ERP system relevant business processes are the minimum. You can find more tips on how to determine your suitable key user here:

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Meet decision makers

Therefore, choose an employee who is used to having a say in his or her daily work. In this way, proposals for change can not only be developed more efficiently, but are also automatically better heard by colleagues. The "decision-maker" is also in the best position to introduce the changes to his or her colleagues. However, it does not always have to be the head of department. Often there are also clerks who unofficially occupy a respected and prominent position. Here you need to look into the social structures in your company (if you have not already done so anyway).

Over the horizon

Important: for your ERP project to succeed, it needs expertise from all areas of the company. The key user should have this. At the very least, he or she should have the foresight to join forces with colleagues from other areas when it comes to changes in processes and be able to put this together efficiently in the end.

Find (too) sentence

Looking after an ERP project within a company is no easy task. However, it goes without saying that an employee like the one described above is also correspondingly important for the day-to-day running of the company. In this case you have two options: You find a replacement for the employee in time employees and his position for the project time or you pay him for the extra working time (if manageable).

Make attractive

Challenging and new tasks do not arouse motivation in everyone. Therefore, try to make the task as attractive as possible to the candidates you have chosen. Make clear the subsequent professional advantages and the personal value of experience. But do not try to force anything. Motivation is and remains half the battle!

Take important

As I said, do not underestimate the role of the key user. The possibilities promised by a new ERP solution can usually only be realised if there is so much input from the company that the new solution also works like the company itself. Moreover, much of the software's success depends on whether the changes are accepted on the staff side. A suitable intermediary is very advantageous here.

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