Less effort for billing with SAP Business One.
16 Jan

Less effort for billing with SAP Business One

The days when billing is done in service companies are often marked by elaborate, little-structured Processes. To address this problem, an integrated solution is needed such as MARIProject on the basis of SAP Business One. An essential prerequisite for this is already in the structure of the orders, or rather the contracts and the contract items they contain.

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Flexibility brings complexity in accounting

It would simplify things if the customers of a service provider all "ticked" in the same way. A quasi-standardised customer who wants what everyone else wants, wants it the same way, on the same terms, at the same price. The reality for most service providers is service provider different. In fact, it is often the case that a service provider wins a customer precisely because it is highly flexible in responding to the customer's specific billing needs.

What inevitably happens on such a flexibility The result is that the special services for a client are also billed specially. Flat rates are charged, Deposits, Progress payments and recurring fees are contractually agreed. Billing is based on time and material or on a fixed price. Invoicing can take place on a key date or on the partial or complete completion of a service. And and and ...

The effort this creates for the administration is often enormous. On the day of billing, it is often necessary to check which of the services rendered may be charged to which clients, how and when.

Classic ERP systems not very suitable

One often notices the "genes" of classic ERP systems. These have evolved from the requirements of trade and manufacturing companies. An essential master data is the article. This then "represents" the service of the service provider. The result is often that a new article is created for each of the many different services. In this way, an article master grows into an unmanageable swarm of articles. In the long run, this not only leads to confusion, but also makes it difficult to evaluate data later. 

Special structures for the service industry

MARIProject, based on SAP Business One, answers the challenges described above with a special structure. The contract is an independent object that plays an important role. You notice this on the day of settlement at the latest.

Performance instead of article

MARIProject for SAP Business One operates with an additional object to the article: the service. In a separate service master, services are managed in their characteristics and price behaviour. Each service has a counterpart in an item in SAP Business One. Several services can reference one and the same item.


Detailed contract positions

The services are used in the positions of a contract. These contract items can be typified in different ways. Services can be defined according to expenditure and at a fixed price. Article and consumption items can be defined in the same contract.

  • The services are used in the positions of a contract. These contract items can be typified in different ways. Services can be defined according to expenditure and at a fixed price. Article and consumption items can be defined in the same contract.
  • Special item categories exist for travel expenses and maintenance items.
  • The prices of the position can be defined in the contract or taken from the price lists of SAP Business One be obtained.
  • A purchase can be linked for this contract item
  • Each contract item can be allocated a surcharge which is added to the transfer price.
  • The contract items can be planned in time and costs from within the contract.
  • For each contract item, it is possible to determine separately how and when it is to be billed.

Billing without much effort

Instead of laboriously gathering, verifying and transferring a lot of different information, you start with MARIProject a billing assistant. An automation of the settlement ensures that all positions of the contracts are settled according to the predefined settings.

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