Logistics on the way to digitisation
29 Aug

Logistics on the way to digitization

A warehouse controlled and managed by artificial intelligence. Autonomous vehicles that guide us through this system. Data glasses that make inventory visible quickly and easily. As well as drones that automate acceptance and delivery. This is the image we have in mind when we think of the logistics thinking in times of a digitalised future.

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This is an image that is being implemented to some extent, but is more of an 'experiment'. In most warehouses, many tasks are still done manually or by hand. In addition, warehouse management is often still chaotic and stocks are not very transparent. According to a recent survey by Bitkom, however, two thirds of the companies surveyed assume that logistics will soon be automated by digital tools. At the same time, the 'LOGISTIC Trend Index 2017' announces that two-thirds of the logistics professionals surveyed believe that too little is being invested in the digital development of companies in Germany. A full 87 per cent of respondents would like to see more expansion in their own company. Hardly one in four companies is currently reconsidering the opportunities and strategy in this area.

High expectations for digital logistics

So how does this picture fit with the high expectations of future digitalised logistics?
According to the surveys, this is predominantly justified by the lack of competence. Most managing directors or those in charge have no idea of how their way into the digitalization should look like. However, in order to remain competitive in the logistics industry, companies have to take this path. That is why it is important to acquire the necessary competence or even seek external help. This is a good solution, considering that (according to the survey) very few companies shy away from investing in development. A great advantage of external help is also the view from outside. Consultants often recognise processes in need of optimisation much faster. This, in combination with the expertise of the employees, is the basis for an ideal digitisation strategy.

For the first steps into digitisation, there are here more information.

Here more on the topic of digitalisation in all sectors.

As a company, consultant and provider, we are also concerned with the topic of digitalisation. Here read more.

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