Production companies in Germany - the way forward
10 october

Manufacturing companies in Germany - the way to the future

Many German companies are reacting to the growing competitive pressure by expanding their range of services. Since manufacturing companies from Asia or Eastern Europe, for example, can usually make more favourable offers, companies in this country are strengthening their service performance. In this way, they are also responding to the desire of many customers for personal, individual support here in Germany. They are accustomed - whether it's a pretence through algorithms or an actual invdividual position - that their environment will gradually respond to them. in person reacts. Either way - good service plays in Future an increasingly important role.

Production companies in particular can now land with the complete package. Assembly, regular maintenance, spare parts as needed - whatever the customer's heart desires. But keeping track of all the needs here is no easy task. Especially for manufacturing companies, as they need a certain number of customers to survive. A ERP system for support is very helpful here.

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Production and service in one

However, in addition to the production, the software must now also Services can cover. This in turn means that the ERP solution from the Warehouse management from the traceability of counselling sessions (e.g. email traffic) or time recording of work in the field should always provide the relevant information and put it in context. At the same time, the demand for mobile usability of the software is increasing. Being able to access relevant data anytime and anywhere is now important for the efficiency of the new business unit. In the process, the usability generally a greater importance, as not only the employee in the Warehouse management or in production must operate the software, but also the assembler.

ERP software for manufacturing companies must be able to do more

In order to meet these new demands, an ERP system for manufacturing companies must be able to do much more than it has to date. It is true that the step from a pure production company to a few additional services seems only small. However, we are professional Service and the temptation of low prices are a great, tempting alternative. To stand up to this, you need to come up with appropriately qualified service. To achieve this data management To cope with this, however, software is needed that combines everything: an ERP system that covers and combines the functions of production and services.

Here more about SAP Business One industry solutions.

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