MARI Project Update Version
3 Dec

MARI Project Update Version

A new version of the Maringo project management solution "MARI Project" for SAP Business One is available. The update has numerous new features:


Innovations Web clients

Main menu

  • Feature: It is now possible to Favourites can be created and edited.
  • Feature: Free areas can now be opened from the main menu.

Support operations

  • Feature: The overview of open or own support operations has been completely redeveloped. Various filters can now be applied and saved.
  • Feature: The creation of new support processes has been completely redeveloped. The wizard can create processes for hotline products as well as for devices/machines and customer service objects.
  • Feature: The wizards for adding comments or documents have also been redeveloped.
  • FeatureThe setting of a new status and the recording of times for a ticket have been newly developed.
  • NotePlease set up the permissions for the main programme, the Web Client and the Web Client Portal for the new masks.
  1. Administration > Permissions > Fat Client> Menu Permissions: "Service and Support" > "Support Desk" > {"Enter new support cases"; "Support Dashboard"; "My support cases"}
  2. Also enter the form authorisations that are displayed one hierarchy level lower in each case.
  3. Administration > Permissions > Web Client> Menu Permissions Web Client: "Service and Support" > "Support Desk" > {"Support Dashboard"; "My Support Tasks"; "Create New Support Tasks"}
  4. Administration > Permissions > Customer Portal > Menu Permissions Customer Portal: "Support" > {"Support Dashboard"; "Enter new support cases"}
  • Feature: Products can now be linked to a knowledge base article without selecting a version or module.

Innovations Main Programme

Screen Information Management

  • Feature: In the contribution margin calculation definition, any totals row can now be marked as "Show row as result row". Then the values of this row are displayed when the DB Invoice is not expanded, i.e. in the row of the project.

Acquisition Project New Investment Assistant


  • Feature: Collecting entries for a search browser with multiple selection now works via Ctrl - double click or drag & drop. The normal double-click again acts as an immediate selection.

Customer locations

  • Feature: The creation of new elements takes into account the unfolded status of the elements above them. In contrast to the previous behaviour, an element is then created at the highest level (root) if the elements directly above it are collapsed.
  • Feature: In the new creation line, the indentation makes it immediately visible on which level the element is created.
  • Feature: The outline can be changed via the context menu on the line (Higher steps, Lower steps).
  • FeatureIn the column settings, the columns for structuring (higher levels, lower levels) can be hidden.

Wizard Edit Customer Service Objects

  • Feature: With Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click, cells can be marked as desired and then assigned a value (Ctrl-C) previously saved in the clipboard by pressing Ctrl-V.

Support operations

  • Feature: The overview of open or own support operations has been completely redeveloped. Various filters can now be applied and saved.
  • Feature: The creation of new support processes has been completely redeveloped.
  • Feature: The wizards for adding comments or documents have been newly developed.
  • Feature: The setting of a new status and the recording of times for a ticket have been newly developed.


  • Feature: In the 'Planning' tab of a contract position, some functions of the context menu are now available if there are no plans yet. (e.g. plan position)
  • FeatureIf the option 'Plan position' is selected for a contract position, the quantity is now preset during planning.
  • Feature: In the project planning with the representation of contract items, the following is now displayed when a new planning the contract item and the quantity from the contract item are preset.
  • Feature: In project planning with the phase structure display, the phase is now preset when a new plan is created.

Open service assignments/my service assignments

  • Feature: New search options by matchcode, reference number and reference character.

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