MARIProject - New Version 7.0
30 Aug

MARIProject – New Version 7.0

MARIProject for SAP Business One is now available in the new version 7.0. As always, a whole bunch of new functions and features have been implemented.

New manual version

The MARIProject manual has been revised and is now available in a new form as PDF (4,743 pages) and as online help. The manual can be used in German, English or Spanish.

Purchasing processing of external equipment/machines for hire

If special equipment, machines, vehicles or rooms are rented for a project, the loan can now be ordered via purchasing transactions and then processed.

Purchasing processing of costs for own equipment, machines or vehicles

Costs for own equipment and machines can now be processed via incoming invoices. Repairs can also be ordered via purchasing transactions.

SharePoint as a document management system

The functionality of the interface in version 6.6 has been considerably expanded. Several keywords and values can now be stored per document.

Extensions folder (file system)

  • Collection folders as directory view in the file system
  • Individual directory for a special project

Extensions Collection Folder (SharePoint)

  • Collection folders as directory view in SharePoint
  • Individual directory for a special project in SharePoint

Multiple actions in the support dashboard

In the Support Dashboard, Tasks Dashboard, Ideas Board, Developers Dashboard and Staff Actions Dashboard, multiple rows can now be selected to apply the following actions to all selected rows:

  • Delete operations
  • Status change of the operations
  • Set as read/unread.

Extended e-mail dispatch from support process

The selection of recipients for sending from a support operation has been significantly expanded:

  • In addition to the contact persons of the client and the partner, employees and free e-mail addresses of the monitoring group are now also suggested.
  • From the project come the contact persons of the secondary customers
  • From the project come the staff and contact persons of the working group

Control of the e-mail recipients in the contract depending on the document type

The sending of documents (offers, invoices, orders) can now be controlled per contract and document type, which contact person receives which document. A preassignment can be set directly at the business partner.

Enhancements to business partner master

  • Modifiability of the 64 properties in MARIProject (main programme + web client + mobile client)
  • Deleting contact persons
  • Additional fields: Territory, Business Type, Unique VAT Number

Wizard for creating project documentation from the collection folders

It is now possible to collect all saved documents from a project or a contract and assemble them into a single document.

Extension of employee master by the SBO sales employee / document release by sales employee

  • An employee can be linked to the corresponding employee record from SAP Business One in the master data screen.
  • It is now possible to also link the sales employee in SBO to the employee master. This can be set per client.
  • In a document release process, the release can be controlled via the sales employee or purchaser.

Web Client: Further master data masks

The following masks can now be used in the Web Client:

  • item group
  • Stock master
  • Staff Kill Tribe
  • DMS Filing pattern

Newsletter - Special Connection

It is now possible to set up special SMTP connections for newsletters to address mail senders such as MailGun or SendGrid.


  • The full-text search project now also searches via the phases.
  • price lists can be synchronised across clients.
  • Annex to the invoice: Payment transactions Switzerland with QR payment code.
  • Customer locations can now have one contact person.
  • Customer service objects can now have a contact person.
  • Service calls can now have a contact person.
  • Support groups can now be hidden.
  • The GANTT planning can now be filtered by client.
  • MARIInterface - API: Application Programmers Interface: Migration to .NET 4.8.
  • MARIRestService has been extended by several functions.
  • MARI Data Transfer Workbench (integrated, Excel) can now also change contract positions.