MariProject - Version 6.3.000 is available
3 may

MariProject – version 6.3.000 is available

A new version of MariProject for SAP Business One is available. Again, many new features and possibilities have been added. The expansion of the web client is taking on ever greater forms and something has also happened in terms of security.

Two-Factor Authentication

It is now possible to use a second factor for logging into the MARIProject Web Client / Mobile Client. Apps such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or other OpenOTP apps on the mobile phone can be used to generate the 30-second valid code.

MariProject - new password function

New wizard for creating a project and contract

A new wizard allows you to create a project and a contract in three steps.

Professional User Functions in the Web Client

Professional users can now perform many functions in the Web Client:

  • Editing the project master including phases
  • Editing the contract master
  • New creation of project and contract
  • New creation and editing of acquisition projects and acquisition calculations
  • Generate sales documents
  • Generate purchasing transactions

Further planning masks in the Web Client

  • Period planning
  • Planning scheme

Crystal Report - Main Reports / Report References

It is now possible to use one report layout for different document types at the same time without having to laboriously copy this into all document types.

New Data Transfer Workbench for MARIProject

MARIProject has so far provided a stand-alone programme 'MARI DTW' to import data into MARIProject. With version 6.3 it is now possible to import data directly in the main programme from Excel files, from XML files and also from MS Access databases.

Support operations: headwords and keywords

A keyword and catchword management allows to automatically analyse support processes and find similar processes

Templates for support operations

Support templates make it easier to create support procedures.

Support operations: Note text per customer

Note texts for the customer can be displayed when creating in the customer portal. Notes for internal users can also be displayed for each customer.

Support operations: Preset monitoring group

The administration of the monitoring group can now be filled automatically for selected contact persons of the customer and participants of the support group.

Administrative functions in the Web Client

For the administrative user, in the Web Client the following functions are enabled:

  • Editing users, their rights and settings
  • Editing menu and form permissions
  • Display of the user overview

Report administration in the Web Client

Administrators can now perform the following actions in the Web Client:

  • Set permissions of reports
  • Set report properties
  • Copy new reports from templates
  • Export all reports as a ZIP file via a wizard
  • Importing reports from a ZIP file

New settings mask for e-mail dispatch

The settings for the notifications have been rebuilt.

Other improvements

  • The interface 'ServiceLayer' can now also be used with the MS-SQL version SBO 10.0.
  • New mask for setting the exchange rates in
  • New variant in the handling of the cost centre for travel expense types
  • In the project master, you can search for assigned cost centres.
  • The MARIProject version info now also shows the SBO versions and whether DI or SL has been activated.
  • Fixed price positions can now also be imported subsequently at the fixed price.
  • The MARIProject demo browser has a new 'iPad Pro' mode.
Download MARIProject brochure
Download MARIProject brochure

Do you use your own software for customer data, project planning, time recording, invoicing and project evaluation?

with MARIProject you can do without this software zoo. Benefit from the advantages of an integrated solution from a single source. Without double data entry without transmission errors and secure processes.

MARIProject is integrated into SAP Business One. One database. For costing, project planning, resource management, time recording through to invoicing.

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MariProject – version 6.3.000 is available

A new version of MariProject for SAP Business One is available. Again a lot of new features and possibilities have been added ...
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