MARIProject - Version 7.2.000
1 June

MARIProject - Version 7.2.000

A new major release of MARIProject is now available. As usual, there is a colourful bouquet of new functions.

MARI Web Client/Mobile Client - Login via Microsoft

  • Users can log in to the MARIProject Web Client or Mobile Client via Microsoft.

SBO SSO / Identity Management

  • With the version SAP Business One 10 FP2208 SAP has integrated an Identity Management functionality. This chapter describes the effects on MARIProject and the communication with DI-API or Service Layer.

Task Management Templates

  • In project templates, tasks can now be defined directly, which then only become active when they are converted into a real project. There are now task templates, idea templates and development task templates.

Support operations, tasks, ideas, development tasks, personnel actions

  • Quick search: In the Web Client, it is now possible to jump to the correct dimension directly via the number.
  • Conversion wizard: Tasks can be converted into support operations and vice versa.
  • Previously, several service calls could be created from one support operation. Now it is also possible to assign a service call to several support operations.

Planning in the Web Client

A whole range of planning masks has now been released for the web client:

  • Project planning Periodic
  • Project Planning Periodic->Phase Structure/Contract Items
  • Project template planning periodically
  • Project template planning with planning scheme without actuals
  • Acquisition planning periodically
  • Acquisition planning periodic->phase structure/contract items
  • Acquisition planning with planning scheme without actual
  • Project planning with planning scheme
  • Project planning with planning scheme without actual

Setting definitions:

  • Definition planning scheme
  • Edit project budget
  • Definition of budget structure

Resource planning:

  • Staff Planning Calendar (Group)
  • Resource Pool Planning Info
  • Resource pool planning Periodic

Cost centre planning

  • Cost centre planning scheme plan/actual
  • Cost centre planning Schema Plan

Extensions Web Client

Additional functions are now available in the Web Client for the Professional User:

  • Wizard for converting an acquisition project into a project
  • Conclusion of contract
  • Project completion

Bonus calculation

  • If price discounts are regularly given by suppliers in the form of semi-annual or annual bonus payments, these can be determined and accrued on a monthly basis. At the end of the half-year or year, the provisions can be reversed and replaced by credit notes on the credit side.

Overtime pay based on sales rules

  • If employees only receive surcharges that are paid by the customer, elements can now be inserted in the sales surcharges to regulate the surcharges for the employee.

Customizing - Forms for user-defined fields

In MARIProject, user-defined fields can be displayed in a table. Alternatively, different tabs can be created with a form designer. The following innovations have been introduced:

  • The tabs can now be given an icon from the approx. 850 icons
  • For different dimensions stored in the same table, the user-defined fields can now be set individually.


  • Business partner/article synchronisation
  • Display a folder from another client
  • New manual version English and Spanish
  • Report filter client
  • Screen information Management contracts - Filter on contract groups
  • Contract costing - consideration of maintenance revenues
  • SAP licence for MARIProject in SAP Marketplace no longer necessary

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