More than the SAP Business One manual.
21 July

More than the SAP Business One manual

When asked on Google, the question of the SAP Business One Manual at the top when it comes to SAP SME software. A manual of an SAP system like SAP B1 is certainly helpful as a first aid. However, there are now many more resources on SAP Business One that can help the SAP user who has questions.

This article has a current successor: SAP Business One Help 2020

The SAP Business One Manual in detail

Manual' is a somewhat misleading term in the context of SAP B1 Help. Anyone who imagines a printed book here is mistaken. The user help for SAP Business One users is published exclusively in HTML format. The SAP Business One online help is available for several different versions. The main entry point is via the SAP Help Portal.
For the current version SAP Business One 9.2 you find the direct access to the manual here.

The following areas are covered in the SAP Business One Help:

  1. introduction
  2. administration
  3. finance
  4. opportunities
  5. sale
  6. Purchasing
  7. Business partner
  8. bank processing
  9. warehouse management
  10. resources
  11. production
  12. Material Requirements Planning
  13. service
  14. staff
  15. Report selection

The contents of the SAP B1 Manual cover both database versions of SAP Business One : MS SQL and SAPHANA. If there is divergent information for one or another technology platform, this is explicitly pointed out. Of course, all content is searchable and linked to each other.

Typical ERP or application manuals are usually very focused on the functions of the software. Background, process and context are sometimes neglected. Supplementary literature can help here. There is also a lot of literature on SAP Business One that can make a good contribution to learning and understanding this business application.

The ?quick? SAP Business One Manual

A somewhat different approach is taken by the unfortunately only in English published ?SAP Business One To Go?. The manual, published in PDF format, with its 263 pages is to be understood as a kind of quick guide to getting started with SAP Business One. Anyone who wants to get a quick overview is in good hands here.

Reference book No.1 - more than a SAP Business One manual

A kind of standard work on SAP Business One is 'Das Praxishandbuch für Einsteiger und Anwender' by Robert Mayerhofer. This is actually something different from an SAP Business One manual.
In this, the handling of SAP B1 is prepared in process instructions. All topics are supported with examples. To support the learning process, the readers are guided through some exercises. The book is almost up to date and deals with the version SAP Business One 9.2. The book is available in a bound version but also as an e-book, which is very helpful because it also allows you to search the content as in the SAP B1 manual.

With its fourth edition, "Der Mayerhofer" has become the standard work on SAP Business One and can be recommended to every somewhat ambitious SAP B1 user.

That 731-page book published by Rheinwerk Verlag. (ISBN 978-3-8362-4061-1)

SAP Business One Reference Book No.2 - The English Manual

The English-language companion to 'SAP Business One - The Practical Guide for Beginners and Users' is 'SAP Business One: Business User Guide' by six authors (Carl Britton Lewis, Andres Castrillon, Derin Hildebrandt, Ryan Howe, Keith Taylor, Bertrand Tougas). The 688-page work is thus not a translation of the "Mayerhofer" but approaches the subject didactically and independently. In contrast to the German pedant, this reference book for SAP Business One also deals with production control.

The book is also available in various e-book formats.
For those who can deal with the English language and the corresponding technical terms, this is definitely recommendable.

That The 688-page book is published by Rheinwerk Verlag. published. (ISBN 978-1-4932-1499-0)


SAP Business One Reference Book No. 3 - Questions about questions

Very new on the market and also only available via Amazon USA is the SAP Business One Complete Self-Assessment Guide. The book is intended to help the ambitious SAP Business One user to implement the ERP independently. Basically, it is about checking all conceivable prerequisites that are necessary for a successful implementation of SAP Business One.
According to the author, it helps with the important steps of an SAP Business One implementation:

  • the diagnosis of SAP Business One projects, organisations, companies and processes
  • Implement best practice strategies that are in line with the overall objectives.
  • customise and implement the current state of SAP B1

The book contains 371 questions designed to put a team on the right track when implementing SAP Business One.

Special : Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One
SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

For the ambitious SAP Business One user or for the SAP B1 administrator, SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One is recommended. The report design and report management tool delivered as standard with SAP Midmarket ERP is examined in detail here. Topics covered include:

  • Crystal Reports Integration in SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One Master Layout Concept
  • Use of multilingual print documents in Crystal Reports
  • Creation of own dunning documents in Crystal Reports
  • Use of SAP Business One tokens in RPT reports
  • Transfer of PLD documents into Crystal Reports

The book is also available as a Kindl version on Amazon.

SAP Lumira with SAP Business One
SAP Lumira with SAP Business One

Even more special: SAP Lumira with SAP Business One

An even more specific topic is covered in the reference book ?SAP Lumira with SAP Business One? Here, the possibilities of the SAP tool for visualising data in connection with SAP B1 are presented. In addition to the introduction to the SAP Cloud Tool Lumira, you will know after reading how to integrate different data sources, how data is processed for evaluation, how visualisations can be realised and how they can be published.

The reference book is also available on Amazon

And if any questions remain unanswered...

Despite this wealth of material, it is unfortunately not guaranteed that all questions that an SAP Business One user may have will be answered.
But then that's what we're here for ?

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