New Version MARIProject 7.1.000
17 Jan

New Version MARIProject 7.1.000

MARIProject for SAP Business One has been released in a new version 7.1.000 and is available as an update. As always, there are many new functions and features.


Document attachments to outgoing invoices

  • It is now possible to attach documents from the contract or also from the assigned incoming invoices to the outgoing invoice. It is even possible to include PDF attachments in the invoice document.

Support operations

  • New linking possibilities
  • More filters Support Dashboard
  • Facilitated creation of multiple tasks
  • Tasks on acquisition project, acquisition phase, acquisition costing and positions in acquisition costing

Extensions Web Client

Additional functions are now available in the Web Client for the Professional User:

MARIProject -> Internal processing -> Travel expense report

  • Booking machine travel expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Travel booking voucher
  • Travel expense entry Accountant
  • Travel Receipt Entry Accountant
  • Trip overview (trip entries)
  • My trip overview (trip entries)

MARIProject -> Basics -> Settings

  • Financial Accounting > Accounting Matrix General
  • Financial accounting > Posting matrix clearing accounts

MARIProject -> Internal processing -> Pro Rata for maintenance items

  • Pro Rata Basics and Simulator

MARIProject -> Internal processing -> Accruals Performance period

  • Provisions Performance Period Basics and Simulator

MARIProject -> Order processing -> Material requirements requests

  • Open material requirement requests


  • Creation of an internal order
  • Wizard: Creation of an internal incoming invoice

Settlement of internal projects

  • Purchasing transactions can now be converted into internal purchasing transactions with reference to an internal project in a sister company (other client).

Accruals and deferrals Performance period

  • If invoices are booked in the following month for the previous month, the costs can be calculated back to the desired performance period.


  • Travel allowances for Germany as of 01.01.2023
  • On-screen information Management Contract with new filters
  • Sales price based on purchase document
  • Summary of positions with quantity total
  • SBO price list synchronisation
  • Material requirement requests now with number and duration
  • Database backups in the administrator now request the service layer
  • Import of external leave information and absences
  • MARIRestService - Import documents to the folder
  • MARIRestService - Demo programme
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