New version MariProject 6.3.0001
28 June

New version MariProject 6.3.0001

A new version of MariProject for SAP Business One is available. It also includes an additional function for VAT in connection with outgoing invoices.

Value Added Tax / Outgoing Invoices

Feature: It is now possible to manually change the tax code of a single line or for the entire receipt. This is useful to be able to set a tax change deviating from the automatic.

Article master - stock information

Feature: In the tab "Inventory data" of the article master in MARIProject or in the SBO article master in the tab "MARIProject>Inventory data", two new columns can be displayed:

  • Project demand" column: Displays the project-related order confirmations, the open pick lists and the open stock transfer orders. The triangles can be used to analyse the individual contract items and the associated documents.
  • Column "Available in stock": Subtraction of the Stock around the project needs.

Pre-recording goods receipt

Feature: Manual changes in the SBO order deviating from the order created from the project(s) are now analysed and can be treated as items without project reference in the goods receipt.

Pre-entry incoming invoice

Feature: The search for line items now also offers booked line items. goods receipts instead of purchasing transactions or orders as the source.

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