New book: First Steps in SAP Business One
7 Nov

New book: First Steps in SAP Business One

There are a reasonable number of specialist books on SAP Business One. The help that you can put on the shelf in book form or should be limited to the German classic by Robert Mayerhofer and the title. ?SAP Business One: Business User Guide?. Now there is another publication on the subject.

A guide from a competent pen

The author Kerstin Pauquet seems to be close to the topic. She has been working on SAP Business One in SAP Support since 2003.

The guide explains the basics of SAP Business One. All relevant topics are addressed – including base data such as business partners and sales items, transactions with business partners, reporting and analysis, and integration with extensions and other systems.

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First Steps in SAP Business One

from the content

It shows how to access and use the chart of accounts, business partner master data, item master data and user data. You'll get a guide to navigating, including the menu bar, toolbar, and finding your way through the main menus.

Procurement, warehousing, production and sales processes are also covered. Also in the content: most important reports are, including the general ledger report and the aging report. Using practical examples, video tutorials, tips and screenshots, the author informs the readers about SAP Business One basics – SAP Business One basics – Tips for navigating the system – Key processes for procurement, warehousing, production and sales – Reporting guidelines and Best practices.

The book was only published in English. It has 298 pages and can be ordered from Amazon as an e-book or paperback.

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