New functions for Versino DATEV PRO ADDON
8 March

New functions for the Versino DATEV PRO ADDON

Our DATEV ADDON runs at many of our customers and ?does its job? in terms of exporting and importing data between SAP Business One and the DATEV finance.
At the same time, the extension for SAP Business One is continuously enriched with functions and content. These are the new contents:

  • Report: Customers OP letter / balance confirmation as of the reporting date
    Open item list for reconciliation or information to the business partner
  • Report: Cash book
  • Report: Trial Balance
    Balances carried forward in expense and revenue accounts are handled according to DATEV logic
  • Report: Payment advice
    The payment advice notifies payees, on the one hand, of which payments will be received and when, as confirmation for their liquidity planning and, on the other hand, for easier allocation.
  • Report: Default & Morale
    Report on the payment behaviour of your customers, with the current and average default times
  • Report: Top 10 customers / Top 10 suppliers
  • Function: Exchange rate import
    Current exchange rates are now imported directly from XYZ Bank?
  • Available soonFunction for the creation of prepaid expenses and deferred income (pro rata)
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