New Mobile SALES APP for SAP Business One.
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New Mobile SALES APP for SAP Business One

On the blog of Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd from Singapore an article was published, including screenshots and video, which introduces a new SALES APP for SAP Business One. The APP is for SAP Business One/HANA and organises data exchange directly via the HANA service layer.Database.

Whereas up to now the "classic APP"  - which is intended for all users - the new one seems to be mainly for distribution.

Some screenshots have already been shown:

Activities Mobile SAP Business One   Sales SAP Business One Mobile KPIs SAP Business One Mobile

Activity management

The activities are naturally oriented towards the structure of the SAP Business One pedants. Business partners are of course interested parties or customers. It can be scheduled and prioritised in order to distribute the activity to an employee. The best function, however, is that the schedules and tasks are synchronised with the mobile device.


As expected with the CRM tool, business opportunities can also be tracked. The value, planned Closing date and the probability of closing are displayed. The opportunity levels are also displayed in the Sales App.

Business partners (interested parties and customers)

The customers and interested parties also get their place. All data of the business partner are displayed on the screen. This also includes the performance of the business partner, such as the development of turnover.

Sales and articles in the Sales App

All offers and orders and the associated articles are also accessible via the APP.

KPIs thanks to HANA

The analysis options of HANA are also accessible via the Mobile APP.


A video is also available for the new mobile app.

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