New SAP Business One add-on for bank statement processing.
27 Feb

New SAP Business One add-on for bank statement processing

On this add on some SAP Business One users will have been waiting for. Although there are functionalities for bank statement processing in SAP Business One, the requirements often go beyond what the standard can offer.
Now, SAP partner bob Systemlösungen has taken on the issue and developed an enhanced bank statement processing solution for SAP Business One.

account statement ver_0214

The new add on for SAP Business One enables even faster and easier bank statement processing.

Here is a selection of the functions of the  Add-ons for bank statement processing:

  • Create assignment guidelines
  • Learning and automatic use of rules
  • Multiple account support
  • Creation and use of search rules (intended use, BP, external databases, etc.)
  • Simultaneous reading of several bank statements
  • Transformation into an SBO-compliant MT940 for easier processing
  • Automatic allocation of the transfer to the corresponding accounts
  • Automatic completion of business partner data and account information
  • Transformation and combination of IBAN and BIC with account number and bank sort code
  • Import independent of origin
  • Fully automated processing
  • Paypal, PayOne, ConCardis, etc.

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