New study 'ERP in practice?
16 Sep

New study ?ERP in practice?

Study shows ERP solutions with industry focus are popular. Users would like to see improvements in mobile working with ERP.

ERP in Practice? is the name of the Studyconducted by Trovarit AG together with the FIR. Around 2700 CEOs, CIOs and project managers at RWTH Aachen University were asked about the ERP systems they use. On average, the ERP solutions used achieved the grade 2.


According to the study, systems with a specific industry focus are particularly popular. The reasons Trovarit AG gives for this are, on the one hand, the low and thus cost-effective effort of implementing a less complex solution. On the other hand, the system providers can build a close relationship with their customers due to the smaller user base. In addition, small ERP systems are updated more often, which also has an impact on user satisfaction.

The larger and more complex the ERP implementations the more dissatisfied the users ? this is what the study says according to Trovarit. Because with the scope of the system or the users, not only the requirements increase, but also the implementation effort, maintenance and customer support.
According to the study, these demands of the mostly large global companies are best met by SAP ERP.

Another - major - point of criticism was the mobile Working with ERP.
Despite the intensive promotional work of the developers, the users' assessment of the mobile accessibility of ERP was significantly negative. The criticism of the apps, which are supposed to ensure access via mobile devices, do not stand up to the expectations of the respondents. It seems that there is an urgent need to improve the usability of mobile ERP use. To ensure this, the ERP must have a completely different user interface for smartphones and tablets.

The Trovarit study sees further points for optimisation in the areas of "forms and evaluations", "internationality" and "data maintenance costs". Budget compliance, personnel and training costs, support and advice on system optimisation are also often identified as areas for improvement. The respondents showed little interest in the following topics, for example Cloud computingand Big Data.


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