New version ? MariProject 6.4
2 october

New version ? MariProject 6.4

The new version 6.4 of MariProject for SAP Business One is available now. Once again, many new features are on board that expand and improve the application in many areas.


Basic settings

  • The basic settings have been simplified.
  • Selected basic settings can now also be made in the Web Client.

Notifications/email settings per client 

  • The sender and the transport route of notifications can now be set per SBO client. 

Text formatting 

  • The editing of formatable texts (bold, italics,...) has been improved. Optionally, the selection of different fonts and font sizes can now be suppressed so that the texts all look uniform in the printout. 

Improvement contracts

  • When creating a document, the tax codes can now be converted differently from the settings on the contract item. (Especially for special cases with deviating VAT) 
  • In the MARIProject article master and in the MARIProject tab of the SBO article master, the quantities reserved by the projects can now be displayed.
  • The linked contract items are now displayed in the phase master.
  • New placeholders can show the period for maintenance items.
  • If a template is used when creating a new contract, the key dates of the settlement conditions can be moved directly in the time axis. 

Purchasing improvements

  • Analysis Order 
  • Change of supplier transactions

Monitoring purchasing budget

  • Project managers can now define a purchasing budget in addition to the planning. This budget can be approved by the superiors. 
  • For each order, a check is made for each item group to see if there is still budget available. 
  • New on-screen information allows monitoring of the purchasing budget. 

Improvement planning

  • Project template planning 
  • When creating a project, the planning can be intelligently transferred from a template with a time delay. 
  • Planning of contract items with ?value without quantity?
  • In the Web Client, the triangles for the phase start and the phase end can be offset in the Gantt display. 
  • In the Web Client, the opposite side can now be displayed in the Gantt view. 

Customer service objects 

  • A better link between support product and customer service object was created. 

Equipment and machines

  • A better linkage has been created between a support product and individual devices or machines. 

Support operations 

  • Comments can be supplemented with a short description.
  • Link the contact person of the partner business partner
  • Display of recorded hours in the support dashboard
  • New filters in the SLA Monitor 

Cost centre evaluation on the basis of distribution rules

  • The screen evaluations "Cost centres" now take into account the proportional value of the indirect postings to the distribution rules. 

Evaluation of open order backlog 

  • A new evaluation shows all positions of the projects that have not yet been invoiced. 

Management of client systems 

  • This new module is suitable for MARINGO Computers' partners to manage SAP Business One and MARIProject systems installed at customers' premises or in the cloud. 

Monitoring of client systems 

  • Another possibility is the monitoring of systems. 
  • Customers can report their installation information to the partner or directly to MARINGO at the push of a button or even on a regular basis. This facilitates the work of the support team because all installation information is displayed directly and up to date. 


  • In addition to the MARIWebService via SOAP, an alternative via REST is gradually emerging in the form of MARIRestService. 


  • Improvements to the setup process. Integration of MARIRestService 


  • Redesign: Coming and going Error list
  • Redesign: Travel expense entry accountant 
  • Redesign: Travel Voucher Entry Accountant
  • Time zone for installation and change data
  • Small improvements project 
  • Dashboard DTW Column Mapping 
  • MARIAddOn ZUGFeRD 2.1 and XInvoice

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