New version of CK.DMS for SAP Business One.
15 Sep

New version of CK.DMS for SAP Business One

CK.DMS has released a new version of its document management system for SAP Business One. CK.DMS is a fully integrated ADDON in SAP Business One that digitally maps and optimises paper-intensive processes.

In version, among other things, the new MICR procedure implemented. This is used in countries where the cheque is still a common means of payment. Cheques are marked with a special printing ink, which can then be read by a MICR scanner.

In addition, the new version of the SAP Business One  DMS parameters an barcodes can be transferred. This transmits additional information about the voucher.

Last but not least, the generation of ZUGFeRD-The process is optimised and accelerated.


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