New video series - SAP Business One for Administrators.
30 Sep

New video series - SAP Business One for Administrators

As already announced, the platform for video tutorials has Video2 Brain has published a new series on SAP Business One. This time, the five hours of instructional videos are aimed at SAP B1 users who want to get started with the administration of the ERP for SMEs.
Together with the earlier videos on the topics "Introduction to SAP Business One" and "Processes in SAP Business One", anyone can get a good introduction to the SAP B1 world here.

The following topics will be covered in the series SAP Business One for Administrators  treated :

  • Set up and manage user access
  • Define and implement password policies
  • Set preferences for user accounts
  • Getting to know the licence management
  • Add ons Install and manage
  • Set general permissions for users and groups
  • Define and manage authorisation groups
  • Set data ownership as an additional safeguard
  • Customise masks via form settings
  • Setting up helpful presets in the print settings
  • Design reports and layouts with Crystal Reports
  • Design reports and layouts via print layout designer
    Determine the print sequence of different document types
  • Administering reports with report and layout management
  • Export and import layout packages
  • Getting to know the System Landscape Directory as the central administration of the system environment
  • Import data from different sources
  • Import Excel files into SAP Business One
  • Transfer data from external systems via Data Transfer Workbench
  • Filling Excel templates with data from a third-party system
  • Import prepared Excel templates via Data Transfer Workbench
  • Import data via an ODBC connection
  • Adapt process flows and realise customer requirements
  • Manage custom fields
  • Set up custom mask displays
  • Adapt the system's own masks to your own requirements
  • Create custom tables
  • Create custom objects
  • Extend and customise user-defined objects
  • Create your own SQL queries for mini-reports
  • Set up user notifications through alarms
  • Use user-defined values
  • Use user-defined values extended
  • approval process Activate and use
  • Create custom approval templates
  • Perform transaction-based manipulations
  • Workflows for process visualisation and mapping kenerate and use
  • Set basic settings for workflows
    Create a simple workflow process
  • Define advanced workflow processes
  • Install, configure and use Remote Support Platform (RSP)
  • Install Remote Support Platform
    Configure Remote Support Platform
  • Automate tasks via Remote Support Platform
  • Using the Remote Support Platform as a backup server
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New video series - SAP Business One for Administrators

As already announced, the video tutorial platform Video2 Brain has published a new series on SAP Business One. This time ...
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