Test now: Surprising performance with Ericom Client for SAP Business One.
24 July

Test now: Surprising performance with Ericom Client for SAP Business One

SAP Business One via an HTML5 clients is not a novelty that Ericom has claimed as its own. The performance is!

First a confession: When I heard about the Ericom clients for SAP Business One, I thought to myself: So what, another virtualisation. Then when coresystem announced to distribute in cooperation the new Ericom client, created confidence that this was proper technology.
Now you can see for yourself the performance of SAP Business One under Ericom AccessNow.
And I have to confess: A "Wow!" escaped me.

You can see for yourself at https://sap.ericom.com/start.html.

Of course, that makes you curious: What's behind all this?


 AccesNow is an HTML5 client for the Microsoft Terminal Server. This RDP client runs in all HTML5-capable browsers. Nothing has to be installed locally. No applets, no plug-ins.
On the server side, gateway software is installed that converts the data into pixels.

Essential for the performance are new features that are deeply embedded in HTLM5. AccesNow makes clever use of these

However, HTML5 brings with it two new features that form the crucial foundations for this. These are Websockets and Canvas.

Classic HTTP connections send a request from the client to the server before every action. Websockets on the other hand, make it possible, after a one-time request, to keep the line open, so to speak, and to supply the browser with data without interruption.

with Canavas a browser becomes an "HTML5 drawing instrument". 2D graphics are converted on the basis of position data. Each individual pixel can be manipulated with Javascript.

Ericom builds on these building blocks and additionally optimises them with compression.
The result is impressive. You immediately forget that you are operating SAP Business One through the browser.

P.S.: No, the demo does not run on HANA. ?

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