On the tractor across Norway with SAP Business One.
13 Feb

On the tractor through all of Norway with SAP Business One

As reported earlier, for example on the basis of the Success story about the introduction at Krones AG SAP Business One is ideally suited for the management of branches of larger companies and structures. Proof of this is now provided by the Eik chain, which distributes agricultural machinery through a wide network.

Founded 30 years ago, en Importeurs Eik in Norway, has completed a major roll-out of SAP Business One to over 40 locations and 300 users across Norway. The franchise chain has sales partners of various sizes, which speaks in favour of using the highly scalable SAP midmarket ERP. The challenge for the project was not only to organise the sales channel but also to manage the complex logistics of aftersales. The implementation is crucial for the future development and success of the Eik chain in a challenging market environment.

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