Prices, Price Lists, Pricing in SAP Business One.
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Prices, price lists, pricing in SAP Business One

Getting the right price to the right customer at the right time is a challenge for every company. Pricing in SAP Business One is a powerful module that goes far beyond price lists.

Prices on a different basis

There are several ways to create price lists in SAP Business One. It is important to understand your company's specific needs and requirements to find the best solution. Possible options include creating price lists based on customer groups, setting up special prices for certain customer groups, creating price lists based on item groups, or using the integrated volume discount function. You may also wish to consult an SAP Business One expert to ensure that the price list is tailored to your company's needs.

Individual price lists

In SAP Business One you can create individual price lists for items and services to offer your customers tailor-made prices. These price lists are integrated into sales and purchasing documents and form the basis for pricing. SAP Business One provides predefined price lists that you can customise as required.

Automatic price list

SAP Business One automatically creates and maintains two price lists: "Last Purchase Price" and "Last Determined Price". These price lists are automatically updated when an item with a new price is added to the inventory, or after running the Inventory Valuation Simulation Report and the Inventory Verification Report.

Advantages of Flexible Price Lists

Price lists are also a flexible tool for pricing, allowing you to create different price structures for different customer groups. For example, customers who have a special relationship with your company can receive special conditions. It is also possible to offer discounts based on the characteristics of the items sold. It is also possible to offer discounts off the list price during sales events or for larger purchases.

Discount groups and special prices

With regard to discount groups and special prices, the possibilities are handled differently depending on the company and the industry. It is important to consider and evaluate a company's specific discount and pricing strategies to ensure they are effective and make good business sense.

In SAP Business One, you can create discount groups to define discount percentages according to different criteria. These discount groups override other discount types. You can also define special prices for specific items and business partners based on date and quantity. These special prices override all other prices, except for master agreements.

Price calculation

There may be cases where the price calculation differs from the price list. For example, special discounts may be offered due to sales promotions or volume discounts. Special prices may also be given to certain business partners because of their relationship with the company or because of the characteristics of the items sold.

Discount groups

SAP Business One allows you to create special discount groups. These can be differentiated according to various criteria such as items, item groups, properties or manufacturers. These discount groups take precedence over time and volume discounts and can be used to set special prices per item, business partner, date and quantity.

Master agreements

Master agreements allow you to set negotiated item prices with a trading partner. These prices override all other prices. During pricing, SAP Business One first checks whether a valid specific master agreement exists for the item. If not, it searches for special prices for business partners or item-specific prices. If these are also not available, discount groups, time and quantity discounts, and finally the price list are taken into account.

Logical order of pricing

SAP Business One pricing

Pricing is undoubtedly a complex process with many factors to consider. SAP Business One provides an excellent way of organising and structuring this process. In this context, the question arises as to the optimal sequence of the pricing process in SAP Business One.

  • Is there a valid, specific master agreement for the item?
  • Would it be possible to get a special price for business partners or an item-specific special price based on item quantity?
  • Is there a discount group?
  • Are there time and volume discounts on the price list?
  • Consult the price list

Link price lists

In SAP Business One, you can link price lists by defining multiplication factors. You can define item prices in one price list and then link it to other price lists. By using multiplication factors, SAP Business One automatically calculates the prices in each of the linked price lists.


In summary, SAP Business One Pricing is a powerful and flexible tool that enables you to manage pricing in your organisation efficiently and effectively. It offers a wide range of features and options to ensure that you always get the right price for your products and services. The ability to combine different pricing levels allows you to automate pricing based on complex models.

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