Process optimisation in the ERP solution: Always a new system necessary?
25 Feb

Process optimization in the ERP solution: Is a new system always necessary?

Particularly with ERP systems that have been in use for a long time, it becomes apparent over time that some work processes still need improvement. However, for a Process optimisation a new system is not necessarily needed. The process analysis can be done independently of the ERP system anyway. The challenge lies - as so often - in the implementation. The data structures in particular play a major role in process optimisation - and they are, after all, the heart of every ERP system. But how can they be changed and improved so that the necessary process optimisation can be implemented?


Up to date with process optimisation

Process optimisation is often only necessary because the system is not up to date with its development. Many standard solutions in particular, such as SAP Business One, remain inadequate despite adjustments update-capable and can thus continue to develop. This is not possible with other ERP systems, updates were neglected or not included in the offer.
In addition, the companies do not know the possibilities and expandability of their ERP system. The accustomed processes and ways of working are no longer questioned or develop in a different direction than originally intended.

Sometimes it's time to change

The more complicated the implementation of process optimisation is, the more the company should think about a new system. In any case, the system should remain expandable after its adaptation. If this is not possible for the system, a change of solution should also be considered. A good basis for process optimisation is therefore always an update-capable system and an experienced ERP provider who can support the company in the process. process analysis - and optimisation can support.
In general, the amount of work and the difficulty of process optimisation should not be underestimated. Whether with a new or old system.


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