Quick start to finance
21 March

Quick start to finance

A new reference book on SAP Business One (B1) has been published. At “Quick start in SAP Business One ? Finance” all functions of financial accounting are dealt with. It is about the basics as well as the special tools for financial management of the SAP ERP software.

Presentation of the basics of financial management


quick start
in SAP Business One? finance

By Carmen Serpe
280 pages, 1st edition 
ISBN: 9783960127369

The book starts with the basic functions. This includes the menu structure and other controls of SAP Business One, including how to navigate through the application. Also the document chain and related information will be clarified in principle. Special elements such as the linkage plan or the enterprise search are also presented. The handling of the different document types as well as duplication or reversal are then dealt with. All peculiarities such as the service and item receipts are explained before it really gets going finance goes. The book addressed as Help End users of SAP Business One in the field of financial accounting and is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.

The finances of SAP Business One

After you have become familiar with the navigation and the basic functions of financial accounting, you can start configuring the base data enter. Topics such as the chart of accounts, the G/L account determination, terms of payment, dunning conditions, payment methods, etc. Then comes the central function of the journal entry. Further is the work in financial management, with foreign currencies, the data exchange with other systems or also like accounts.

The details of finance

How are expense or revenue entries made? How will cost centers booked in SAP Business One? Which steps does the bank processing know, including the payment assistant that guides you through the payment run. How do you use the account assignment templates and recurring entries in financial management or how do you deal with foreign currencies? All these questions about the details of SAP Business One financial accounting are dealt with in detail.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance

Asset accounting

All aspects related to the management of assets in the finance from SAP Business One are also covered. The asset master record and account determination are discussed, as well as types of depreciation, depreciation areas, asset classes, capitalization of an asset, disposal and transfer of assets, asset revaluation and depreciation.

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