Remote SAP Business One project despite Corona.
17 July

Remote SAP Business One project despite Corona

the SAP celebrates on its news channel the successful remote implementation of SAP Business One at fintech company XPAY. Due to the coronavirus crisis, this was carried out exclusively from the home office by employees of the customer and Versino.

Remote strategy despite scepticism

Many other companies have closed their doors because of the Corona crisis. ERP implementation postponed or cancelled altogether. XPAY was also sceptical as to whether the projects planned in pre-Corona times would be feasible under the new framework conditions. In the end, they decided to take the risk and implement SAP Business One anyway. And, as Covid-19 demanded, completely from the home offices of the XPAY and Versino employees.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance

Communication via Microsoft Teams

The SAP success story also states that all communication took place remotely via Microsoft Teams. In meetings of 4 hours each, 5 project participants always found themselves in the virtual meeting rooms. Beforehand, however, it was ensured that all participants were equipped with the necessary Equipment for the remote project.
Good microphones and cameras are indispensable for such an undertaking. One of the many lessons learned from the home office in Corona times.

Personal level despite remote distance

The prejudice that personal communication and perception is neglected when working together via remote tools was also negated by the project participants. On the contrary, the SAP article quotes the customer as follows: "In fact, the close online cooperation, in which one also gains insights into the private environment, has created such a trusting relationship, which is otherwise rather rare in IT projects?

Started locally - continued remotely

However, the SAP Business One project for XPAY is not unique to remotely conducted ERP projects. Even ongoing large and lengthy launches that were already started last year are now being continued online. Within the Versino Group, a lot of experience has already been gained.
For us from Versino Projects it is clear that we will continue to promote this type of cooperation as a viable alternative after the end of the Corona pandemic.

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