SAP and Microsoft agree on closer cooperation
5 Dec

SAP and Microsoft agree on closer cooperation

SAP and Microsoft have discussed closer cooperation. Above all, the cloud services of the two software giants are to be better coordinated.
Good news for all companies that use the SAP In Memory platform. HANA want to use: The advantages of the high-performance database can now also be used via the Microsoft Cloud.

In future, customers will be able to use SAP's enterprise cloud Hana on Microsoft's Azure platform fully integrated in a secure environment.
The two companies have also announced that they will use each other's technologies in their own IT projects. Microsoft, for example, wants to introduce S/4Hana Central Finance.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance

With the opening of Azure for SAP HANA, the last of the big cloud providers has opened its doors to SAP technology. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been providing the corresponding offer for some time. SAP technology can also be operated on the Google Cloud Platform.

SAP and Microsoft partnership on SAP Business One

What also seems possible, of course, is to run SAP Business One on Microsoft's Azure cloud. This is obvious either way, since SAP B1 can also be set up on the basis of a Microsoft SQL database. However, the option to select HANA as the basis now offers the whole range of possibilities.

Versino Projects has been working for a long time on harnessing synergies from the Microsoft and SAP offerings. Thus it has succeeded with the Integration of Microsoft Power BI to make the analysis capabilities of the cloud tool usable for SAP Business One.
MS Power Bi is a set of tools for analysing data. The data can be visualised and evaluated in combination with different sources.
The cloud service can provide various parties with evaluations based on SAP B1 data via the network.

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