SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2202
11 July

SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2202

The SAP Business One Feature Pack 10.0 FP2202 has been released and once again it brings some innovations for the users. The most important new features of this function package are described here.

Enhancements for the SAP Business One web client

Companies using the SAP Business One app in Microsoft Teams now have access to the following list views and detail views via Teams in addition to the web client apps supported in FP 2111:


  • There is the possibility to use intelligent automation as an element of the Web Client for SAP Business One. This feature pack contains the best practice template project for the Activity Creation bot for Business partner", which is provided in the SAP Intelligent RPA Store.

Info dialog on the start page

  • The info dialog can now be called from the user area while working on the start page. The info dialog shows the version and functionality of SAP Business One.


  • In the detailed display you can see the associated with a stage activities Show. You can do that Arrow in the Activities box on the Stages tab. The number of activities associated with the stage is shown there.
  • In the detailed view you can now see the Linkage plan larger, smaller or maximised.

extension on sale

Extension in purchasing

  • The new applications create returns and create incoming credit notes are at the start. You can use them to create new documents.
  • Returns and incoming invoices are now also available in the detail view, where you can carry out different actions. This includes:
    – Creation of new returns and incoming credits.
    – Display or processing of returns and incoming credit notes.
    – Copying returns to the incoming credit memo
    – Display the connection plan
    - One can now goods receipts in returns and incoming invoices in incoming credit notes

Extensions in sales and purchasing

  • Detailed views of documents can be found in the “Attachments” tab.
  • If in the SAP B1 clients a default asset folder has been created per user
    every attachment will be moved to this default folder.
  • If the origin of a price in a sales document and purchasing document of the type "Item" is an active or inactive price list, with or without discount groups applied, you can now retrieve the price list number and name.
  • Both sales documents and purchasing documents are now displayed in the relationship diagram if they are referenced in a document.
  • In the list view of incoming and outgoing invoices, you can select several invoices and create payments for the invoices via "Create payment".
  • In the detail view of an incoming invoice or outgoing invoice, you can use the "Pay" button to open a payment detail view with the selected business partner including the original invoice. This can then be used to create a payment directly.
  • If you have a receipt of the type ?Item? added or updated, a barcode can be selected to identify the item.

Extensions Receipts & Approval

  • You can add further document types in the Approval process Manage (receipts and drafts): returns, incoming credit notes, incoming payments (drafts only), outgoing payments, goods issues
  • The person who approves the receipt can receive a corresponding request in the Web Client.
  • Approval decisions can be controlled in the web client to process approval requests.

Business partners in the SAP Business One web client

  • Incoming and outgoing payments for the relevant business partner can now be created in the drop-down list under “Create”.
  • The detail view shows the new selection "Standard framework contract". You can activate the function accordingly with the checkbox "several framework agreements for the same period".
  • In the "Series" field in the list view, you can now not only select manual serial numbers, but also all existing business partner serial numbers.

Business partner catalog numbers extension

  • List views for the business partner catalog numbers use the filters BP code and item no. now sorted in ascending order of code. You can sort the codes by another field.

Extension for Payments

  • The Israel localization allows the creation of incoming payments with withholding tax information in the header for customers. Outgoing payments whose vendors are subject to withholding tax can also be treated accordingly.
  • The detail view now provides the linkage plan showing payment and related vouchers.
  • Various permissions receive extended options
    Authorisations for draft payment
    – Cancellation of incoming and outgoing payments
    – Authorizations for receipt of money
  • You can create payments with withholding tax information on lines for invoices that contain withholding taxes.
  • You can now create payments with the following payment details regarding bank fee and payment method.
  • Invoices generated for branches can now be settled centrally.

Extension for item management

  • The function "alternative item"can be called up in the article administration. This allows you to define alternatives for articles.

Inventory Transactions

Among Inventory Transactions you can search and filter goods issues, view and manage different selections of the goods issue lists, view, edit and create goods issues.

Extension for accounting in the web client of SAP Business One

  • Such documents can now be created under “Create posting document”.
  • The list view allows new functions:
    – Filter on data sets
    - new Journal entry via "Create
    – Cancellation of manual journal entries
    – Adjust display
  • The detail view offers additional options
    – Processing of journal entries
    – Creation of journal entries
    – Duplication of journal entries
    – “Cancel” is only displayed for a manual journal entry for which you have “Cancellation No”
    has stated
  • Plant from Activity for the journal entries

Extensions in service

  • About Service calls you can generate a report (Crystal) to display them
  • The corresponding connection plan can be displayed larger, smaller and maximized
  • In the notification center, users are informed whether they have been assigned to a service call
  • Corresponding data can be created via “equipment master data”. This allows, among other things:
    – Creation and deletion of equipmentbase data
    - View and update details and history of items sold or purchased
    - Display and creation of service calls / service calls from existing equipment master data

Extension of time sheets SAP Business One

  • One can time sheet remove if you have the appropriate rights
  • The “Employee/User Code” field is displayed in the standard list view
  • Total display of break times, non-billable times, actual times, billable net time
  • New display of effective - and billable time
  • Time tracking complete indicator

Analytics web client SAP Business One

  • About “Views export and import” you can export/import data between clients
  • You can create links in the detail views of business objects to specific list views via "Linked List Views".

Administration web client SAP Business One

  • Definition & maintenance of entries of the fields with object data via "Configuration" for use in the web client of SAP Business One.

Cross-departmental web client SAP Business One

  • Free text search is now possible and available in the list views.
  • Autocomplete is available in the picklist fields
  • Advanced integration Microsoft 365

Administration of SAP Business One

Permission Groups

  • Use of up to 30 authorization groups for numbering series and price lists
  • Activity types in time sheets are not dependent on project management
  • Timesheet Permission Enhancements: You can remove timesheets if you have permission to do so
  • Advanced integration Microsoft 365
  • extensions of change log
    – Tax code determination
    terms of payment

Sales, Purchasing and Service

Display price list numbers and price list names

  • Price sources for sales documents or purchasing documents can now display the price list number and the name of the price list.
  • Extensions for electronic billing (e-billing)


UK: Plastic Packaging Tax

  • Options to record weight of plastic packaging
  • Exports and imports option
  • various Units of measure
  • “Plastic Packaging Tax Relevant” option for receipt import and receipt export

Greece: e-books and online sales reports

  • Corresponding receipts and bookings can be sent to the authorities online and immediately recorded in the system.

Italy: Withholding tax certificates

  • New functionality:
    – header information
    – Extraordinary event codes
    – Option for reporting special cases

Italy: Electronic invoicing

  • Sales and purchasing document scenarios can be managed in FPA
  • Processing targets for the FPA protocol via new FPA connector version

Russia: Electronic Corrective Tax Invoices

  • Support of electronic correction tax invoices

Russia: Commodity Information Books and Commission Trade Journals (Crystal)

  • Updated Crystal Reports layouts for trackable goods are available

Mexico: CFDI

Updated electronic invoices via CFDI 4.0 are available

Argentina: Withholding tax options in automatic credits

EU: One Stop Shop Reporting

  • Changes for One Stop Shop Reporting (OSS):
    – new output mode under “Tax Report / Selection Criteria”
    Tax code determination as an option for OSS reporting
    – Tax code – definition as an option for OSS reporting

Refresh function in financial reports

  • Reload the report instead of closing and reopening with "Refresh table" in Reports "Profit and Loss Account" and "List of totals and balances".
  • Also works for the Account Balance, Deliveries, Orders and Opportunities fields in the Business Partner Master Data window

IFRS postings for asset revaluation

  • Checkbox "IFRS booking" in the window "Plant revaluation"
  • With this, one can now carry out plant revaluations according to the International Financial reporting Post standards (IFRS) for depreciation areas accordingly.

India: updates

  • Updated chart of accounts, the standard GST tax codes and the standard TCS codes
  • Higher TDS and TCS rates for failure to file income tax returns

Norway: Business Activity Reports (BAS)

  • Mapping file SAF-T tax report (NO) available for generating the new SAF-T tax report.

Japan: Qualified invoice method

  • Tax calculation according to tax codes in documents
  • In monthly invoices, tax amounts are now determined for the aggregated amounts using the specific tax codes
  • New Crystal Reports layouts for receipts and monthly invoices

Platform and Extensibility

Crystal Reports

  • The version SAP Crystal Reports 2020 SP2_P1 is available for SAP

Process automation for SAP Business One

  • These process automation best practice templates are available. These best practices template project bots can be used:
    – Business Document Extraction from Emails
    – Proof of Delivery Note Upload in the Outbound Delivery and Invoice
    – Sales Order Creation from a Local Purchase Order
    – Supplier Invoice Upload for Intelligent Invoice Scanning
    – Master Data Enrichment for Document Information Extraction
    – Activity Creation for Business Partners (only for web client)

Custom Tables

  • Checkbox "Show menu" in the window "In the window Custom Tables - Definition" to display user-defined tables as a submenu in the SAP Business One Client or as a tile in the Web Client.

Mechanism for uploading the service layer

  • One can upload the following stream entities using the slug mechanism:
    - Attachments2
    - Pictures

Extensions in the service layer controller

  • A new Monitor tab has been added to the Service Layer Controller. One can view logs for normal requests and error requests on the Monitor tab.
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