SAP Business One 10.0 FP2305 - News
22 Aug

SAP Business One 10.0 FP2305 - News

SAP Business One 10.0 FP2305 for SAP Business One brings a variety of optimisations and new features to enrich the user experience and increase system efficiency. In addition, Feature Pack 2305 is compatible with Windows 11.

Through these comprehensive updates, SAP Business One presents numerous enhanced functions and optimisations that make everyday work easier and increase productivity.

Texts and Subtotals in SAP Business One 10.0 FP2305

In the SAP Business One web client, you can now add a new table row with additional text or subtotals either above or below an existing row when creating or editing marketing documents. You can insert any free or predefined text in the text row. With the subtotal line, you can calculate and display the subtotals of the preceding regular lines. You can change the description of the subtotal line and add valuable information. The text and subtotal lines are highlighted with colour indicators for better visibility and clarity.

Opening and closing remarks

In the SAP Business One Web Client, input and closing remarks are now supported on the Content tab of marketing documents, providing new visibility and direct access to these fields. You can insert additional text related to the current document. You can enter the text manually or insert a predefined text. If the Print layout is designed to display the text of the remarks, this text will also appear in the printed document.

Inventory of BOM items in SAP Business One 10.0 FP2305

In the SAP Business One Web Client, counting based on BOMs is now supported during inventory for items that appear in multiple BOMs. When counting, you can enter the BOM codes and count results directly into the matrix. For a better and easier check of the count, you can now determine the deviation in percent in the SAP Business One client. If the count variance is greater than defined in the document settings window, the count lines and fields are highlighted.

Advanced functions for identity and authentication management

There are some enhanced features for identity and authentication management in SAP Business One. When you add or edit a user in the SLD Control Center, you can now enable two-factor authentication. After you have set up the mobile authenticator to activate your account at the first logon, you only need to enter the one-time code at the second logon after completing the authentication with user name and password.

Password defaults in SAP Business One 10.0 FP2305

There are new password requirements in the administration area, which are particularly relevant for fresh installations. The approval process for marketing documents has been revised so that approvals and rejections are more fluid.

Duplicate reference documents

There are now options to add settings when duplicating reference documents. Customisable fields in drop-down lists can be updated and open landed costs can be duplicated after generating a broker invoice.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

A highlight among the IAM updates is the implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA), which provides increased system security. Single logout is also supported. User assignment has been refined so that multiple users can be associated with different companies. The user experience benefits from a redesign of the user code for all selected companies, with the default user code now corresponding to the IDP username.

Log on to SAP Business One

Logging into SAP Business One has been made more intuitive by displaying the last company used in the "Select Company" window by default. The "Change Password" option is now directly accessible on the login page, making password handling easier

Additional functions in the web client

It is possible with the version in SAP Business One 10.0 FP2305 to add a contact to a business partner by scanning. Specific enhancements for Office 365, such as a share option in activities and return requests, as well as the creation of new email groups, have been added. Inventory has also received upgrades, including options for sorting and filtering in the detail view and the introduction of distribution rules. In addition, business partners can be merged and incoming invoices can be included in the approval process. It is also feasible to link paid down payment requests or invoices.

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