SAP Business One 2018 - A Preview
29 Dec

SAP Business One 2018 – A preview

SAP Business One 2018 is not just a headline, but also the short form of a promise of many innovations and features around the SAP ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses. There have already been several announcements, official and 'semi-official? statements could be heard from Walldorf. We will try to summarise them at the turn of the year.

SAP Business One 2018 = SAP Business One Cloud 2018

The general Group strategy following, one topic is also the focus for SAP Business One in 2018: the cloud. SAP B1 can now also be operated on SAP's own infrastructure. At the same time, SAP is coming up with new graduated prices for the cloud licences. In addition, there is the surcharge for the SAP platform. Of course, we are talking about 'thoroughbred' licences here. HANA-systems.
As already reported, SAP Business One is also released for operation on the major cloud platforms. Whether Amazon AWS, Google GCP or Microsoft Azure ? SAP B1 also runs here.

Cloudiax for more flexibility

Despite its own platform for operating the SAP Business One cloud, the offer from SAP cloud partners such as cloudiax also remains interesting. Cloudiax has now also introduced graduated prices, which makes the offer even more interesting for customers with many users. At the same time, cloudiax offers a choice of operating SAP B1 on a Microsoft SQL Server or SAP HANA. In addition, the cloud specialists make any kind of special constellations possible. Partner add-ons are just as available as additional servers for other applications.

HANA for SAP Business 2018

Technologically, of course, the driving force for SAP Business One 2018 is SAP HANA. Thus, in 2018 and beyond, some new and planned features will probably only be found in the HANA version. SAP B1 users will still find the greatest advantages in the area of data analysis. However, new apps for demand planning, for example, are also planned.

Further development of the SAP Business One core

Of course, the core programme of SAP B1 is also constantly being further developed. However, SAP never publishes when exactly which functions will be added in 2018 and the following years. On the one hand, this has to do with legal considerations, on the other hand, an ever faster changing business world can only be accommodated with a highly flexible plan.
Nevertheless, there are a number of things that can be classified under the status of "certain" to "probable".

The production control of SAP Business One is being further expanded. Although there are large and partly specialised partner add-ons, the basic functions of SAP B1 are becoming more and more 'grown-up'. New functions for the extended workbench are in the pipeline and the handling of orders is also being expanded and made more flexible (e.g. deletion, reopening of orders).
The Service Module is also to get extended functions. A cheap wizard and a new 'Service Module Equipment Card' are on the list of innovations.

the CRM Functions of the now since version 9.3. ?separated? CRM module are being expanded. The functions that should facilitate access to the data in the system include new search ? and chatbots.
Important and pleasing for communication within the cloud is the upcoming connection of Microsoft Office 365 to SAP Business One.
Recent modules, such as SAP Business One's Project Management, are constantly being enhanced with new features. One example is that the Timesheet will also support user-defined fields.
Reporting is constantly being developed further anyway. This of course concerns the reports from the growing HANA ? catalogue, but also the increasing integration of Microsoft Excel.

SAP Business One 2018 masters globalisation

SAP Business One is THE SAP application when it comes to mastering the rapid worldwide rollout of their ERP infrastructure, even for large companies. The country versions are constantly growing. Arabic localisations are on the agenda, but the Ukraine, for example, is also to receive a version.
The list of planned innovations includes enhancements for the electronic file manager in order to do even better justice to local peculiarities.
In order to meet the reporting requirements, new analysis tools for turnover realisation (planned turnover distribution across time periods) are planned.
Also on the roadmap are extensions for the electronic file manager to better meet local specifics.
Constant attention is paid to the expansion of reporting for IFRS,US GAAP, group reporting or other local legal reporting requirements.

New web client for SAP Business One in planning

A new native web client has been in planning for some time. The design is based on SAP Fiori User Experience and SAPUI5. This client is intended to enable quick and easy access to SAP Business One from multiple devices and to enable quick and uncomplicated processing of various functions. These include, for example, quotation and order, business partner and article, calendar and activity, delivery and return and analyses and reports.
Mobile apps are being further expanded
In addition to the sales app, new apps for iOS and Android that use the SAP HANA service layer are being planned. These include an app for service field staff or a business analytics app.


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