SAP Business One 9.2 regulates the ownership of data in a new way.
2 Feb

SAP Business One 9.2 regulates the ownership of data anew

An ERP software like SAP Business One is like a large house with many rooms and a similar number of doors. It is a challenge to regulate access for the various visitors (users) so that they can only enter where they are allowed to. Furthermore, they should (to stay in the picture) only see certain contents at a certain time depending on their role and person.

The new version SAP Business One 9.2 has a significantly extended range of functions to regulate data ownership in particular. Now, in addition to the user, data ownership can also be assigned at the level of the associated company. In SAP Business One 9.2, the following can be defined reports, such as: Open receipts, depending on the owner of the data. A limited read-only mode is also possible. Clearly, the extended features serve the Data security and is intended to prevent data theft.

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