SAP Business One 9.3 Innovations in Detail / Part 1
29 Sep

SAP Business One 9.3 Innovations in Detail / Part 1

SAP Business One 9.3 is just around the corner. The ERP software for SMEs is represented internationally in many countries. The USA is of course also an important market for SAP B1 and has a correspondingly agile partner community. One of these partners has now (perhaps a little ahead of SAP) published so-called feature videos on YouTube.

The videos on the changes around SAP Business One 9.3 deal with almost all areas where innovations for SAP's SME ERP can be found.

price lists

The functions of the price lists in SAP Business One 9.3 enhanced as follows

  • Prices per piece can now be defined for an article along with the unit
  • It is possible to set the lowest, highest or the price from the hierarchy as the effective price for each business partner.
  • The valid duration for discounts based on time and quantity can be defined at the business partner.

project management

The new version of SAP Business One also brings changes to project management:

  • A new overview of the projects shows all details that can also be filtered
  • Gantt chart Creates the graphical overview of a project
  • An assistant supports the accounting of the projects
  • A report shows the recorded working hours
  • The activity was provided with information on the resource used and costs
  • The activity can be used to define whether receipts associated with it can be settled.

Excel Import

SAP Business One 9.3 also gets more access to Microsoft Excel

  • The import of journal entries from Excel is now also possible in the standard system.
  • Opening balances can now also be transferred from the spreadsheet
  • Another import function concerns the Batch number and the serial numbers

Cost Accounting in SAP Business One 9.3

the cost accounting in SAP Business One has also seen some innovations.

  • A new functionality for cost accounting adjustment was launched. Postings between cost centres are adjusted.
  • Distribution rules can be defined on the basis of fixed amounts
  • The finance project can be selected as a criterion in cost accounting reports
  • The splitting report can be accessed in the context menu of the project window

Returns management

The returns material agreement undergoes completely new processing in SAP Business One 9.3

  • Before the actual return of goods, a draft version of the return document can be generated
  • Quantities, prices and also the reason for the return are recorded in the return document.
  • A process for returns was implemented
  • The new documents "Returns request" for sales and "Goods returns request" were added.
  • Return requests can also be generated from a service call.
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